Auto check sensors at certain time


I was trying to find a solution where all sensors will be checked if any of them are open after 9 pm.
Im not sure if there is a way to create a schedule to check sensors for their status. Please help me with any solutions.

p.s. Im not great at development, so not sure how i can create an app using CoRE unless someone is willing to help.


A popular SmartApps for this is

Thank Ray, It gave me good start to reach where I want to… although, I still cant find any timer, when all the sensors will be checked and I get a call/text if any sensor found open. I will keep researching.


Use CoRe. Its not that hard, and there is a lot of good documentation.

If Time is 9:00PM
and if Any Door sensor is open
Then Send Message

I have a similar task running to make sure my doors are locked.

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I’ve been resisting CoRe. Been busy with other things since spring, and haven’t wanted the hassle of really delving into serious rules. It’s inevitable of course… perhaps this winter.


Could you please provide me a link on how to get started with CoRE if you have it handy ?

Thanks again for your help, I certainly want to give it a try.


True Glen.
Winter is coming :slight_smile:

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Start small, test often. You won’t get it right first shot but your ask is fairly simple so it should not be too difficult.

Hint: Messaging options are hidden under Locations in the Action section.

Thank you very much man… Let’s see how far I can get. :slight_smile:


What are you using to monitor your back gate? Outside rated sensor?

This worked very well Robin. Thanks.

Next step - im trying to have alexa report the status at 9 pm along with the text message.

So far I came across to Ask Alexa and I see an option to have Ask alexa query message from CoRE. The biggest que for me is how Ask alexa will activate Alexa device to report the sensor status if open ?

Sure no worries budd.


Alexa can’t do this. Alexa is an ask then response system, and won’t ever respond on its own.

Ask Alexa has status reporting:

But you will need to ask it first: “Alexa, ask smartthings if doors are closed”

It will be completely separate from your core rule.

Warning: Ask Alexa is a fairly complicated install, using AWS services. Its not impossible, but take the time to follow the steps.

Thank you!!