Managing more than 1 device at a time?

First… thanks in advance for all your great work and sharing them… I, like many others, had learn “a lot” from it.

As many of you… I have more than 1 Thermometer, more than 1 Motion sensor, more than 1 AC control… etc.

Then… I were looking on how to have, within SmartThings, more than 1 Dashboard or “page” to see all the same type of devices & same type of capabilities at once… presenting all temperature, or all motion, or all humidity, etc. at a time.

  • one scenario can be… like having, besides Things, Rooms, Scenes… and additional page for this “Capabilities”, and within a Capability, all the devices on a screen like normal Dashboard.
  • other scenario can be… controlling more than 1 device from a single Code Handler and presenting the results on this Dashboard.

Does anyone has done something like this or managed a related scenario?

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There is a very popular third-party app, action tiles, where you can create custom dashboards so you can set up any groupings that you like. Its license cost is around $30 (per hub, not per end device), and as I mentioned it’s very popular. So that’s one option. It runs in pretty much any web browser.

@tgauchat is a very active member of this community who is one of the action tiles developers, so he could answer any more questions on that.

There are also some free dashboards, although they tend either be more difficult to set up or not have quite as many features, but you can find those by checking the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, looking in the project report section, and looking on the “dashboard” list.

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This is a popular use case!

With a single ActionTiles License (current license is per Hub), you can create an unlimited number of custom “Panels” (dashboards), and thus organize the views of your SmartThings home by any scheme.

It’s quite common for our customers to create a Panel of Temperature sensors and a Panel of Battery levels.


Thank you both… JDRoberts & tgauchat… I will look on Action Tiles


Action Tiles will give you some really cool options.

A complementary tool that you may also find useful along-side Action Tiles is the Simple Device Viewer smart app.