Moisture Sensor not Alerting

Hi, I noticed today something very weird with my moisture sensor.

I happened to notice the temp it was reporting seemed to be wrong and had not changed in many days. So I decided to check it. I dipped it in a container of shallow water just enough to cover the contacts and sure enough the orange light came on the sensor…but no alert, no text nothing. …Tried a few times still nothing, used refresh in the app still no good.

So I removed the battery , waited and refitted it…tested again and worked fine this time…full alerting… siren , text the lot.

Also temp was now more realistic for the location …so on searching the community I see others have had this issue but have removed and re-installed the device to resolve.

My question is more one of faith in the system, if a sensor locks out like this with no warning what happens if a real event occurs and we do not receive the early warning ?? could it result in some serious property damage or even injury if it was a smoke detector.

The whole idea of this type of system is early warning and monitoring , so what can I do now to solve this. I have logged a call with Samsung support so lets see what they say … but it is quite worrying :worried:


You kinda have to supervise your devices manually, though remote monitoring can lower the burden. Smart app “Simple Device Viewer” will allow you, on demand, to easily monitor the last-reported elapsed-time for each selected device. I believe it also has automatic device supervision feature that could theoretically notify you that a device has exceeded its supervision time - but that also depends on the cloud connection working. If your leak sensor could not report then I would not expect SDV to always be able to notify.

There is analogous maintenance in burglar alarm systems, that you “should” periodically walk-test the sensors, to be more likely to notify you in an emergency.

Try this community smartapps. I use it and pretty much do monthly test of all my smoke and water sensors.

yup, simple device viewer until Smart Things rolls out their device health functionality.

Thanks for the replies, I was kinda hoping that these days sensors etc would be polled or report status which would be monitored and displayed in app…but looks like thats a future wish.

In the mean time i will play some more with device viewer

Thank you

They’re working on it, but they don’t give ETAs anymore. If you go into your device list in the IDE there is now columns for status and last activity. I’d imagine eventually they will leverage this to send notifications through the app.

Well i’ve installed device viewer and what I think I am finding, and i have seen before with other sensors that when battery life drops into the 70% area the sensors do funny things. One of my motion sensors reports false alerts until I change the battery, and it looks like the water sensors just give up and dont report …

Going to replace batteries and see if that helps

Which will tell me that if it works either the battery monitoring is not correct or the sensor needs the full voltage to operate correctly …emmmm

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