CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

If you go into the ide, select your speaker then list events, you should see something there.
I had an announcement this morning and it is showing in the events for the device.

This time I initialized both the speech synthesizer and the music player and I think it worked. Now I have to wait till someone comes home. I love CoRE, but it isn’t the easiest app to use. Thanks, I will let you know if it worked. I hate asking for help, but I tend to overthink things, which gets me in trouble.

As a matter of interest, if you build a piston as I have said above, it might be worth adding a ‘When home is home’.
This means the piston will only run when someone is home.
If mode is away (your at the pub) then the piston will not run.

Now this is strange in the IDE for my speaker it says that the message was spoken, but it wasn’t. The speaker works for all other commands except CoRE.

I’m afraid I cannot really help with Samsung speakers as I use Sonos.
In CoRE I use speak text and restore for my pistons.
Seems to work OK

It may be simpler with Simple Device Viewer. I believe it has the feature to notify you if a device has not sent an event for a specified amount of time. In your case, if the metering device doesn’t report power for some time, then you can have it send you a notification or an SMS.

What do these attributes do and what does the little house icon signify? Ping & CheckInterval

For an action of a bulb I add ‘Capture state to local store’. One of the attribute options is ‘checkInterval’. What is this and how can I use it?

And what is Ping and how can I use it?

And finally, what is the meaning of the options with the house icon next to them?

Thank you.

Try this… (if I understood your requirements correctly) - Hah, I just realized I have no task for it to turn off. I will revisit later

◦ Any of P1, P2 or P3 presence is present
Using Plug...
 > Turn on
◦ Each of P1, P2 or P3 presence is not present
Day Restriction (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday)
Time Restriction (6:30 AM to 6:30 PM)
Using Plug...
> Turn on

I used my same Piston but changed one command to “Speak Text And Resume” That did the trick. Thanks for all the help.

Thanks. Worked great.

How does this Piston look? I want to turn on an outside light at Sunset and off at 11:20 each day of the week.

It should work but personally I do mine this way.
Date and time
Is between Sunset and 23:20.

Using outside light.
Turn on.

Turn off.

As it s every day of the week you do not have to define the days.

Lots of ways to skin a cat. :smile:

Thanks for the tip.

Here is one I have.

OK, Your light is on 15 minutes before sunset and off 15 minutes after sunrise, plus a five minute delay then off. Correct?

Correct. Dont ask why the delay, not sure why I put that in there.

I have 6 instances of CoRE that all have around 10-15 pistons each. I LOVE CoRE but for simple lighting automations, I use Smart Light. It’s fast and simple and runs locally.

I forgot about Smart Lighting, I use either CoRE or Smart Rules. I just setup Smart Lighting for three rules. I didn’t realize it runs local.

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Hi Adrian,

disabling command optimizations didn’t help. The switch seems to work normally and reflect state changes from what I can see. The mode change from Night to Home works fine, just not the light

Something odd I did notice the other day

I changed the Piston to turn on 2 lights and they both came on, so I removed the un-needed light and the desired one still won’t come on.

Should I remove the switch from my network and re-add it?

Any other ideas?
Thanks, Rick

This may or may not be a CORE solution, just looking to bounce an issue that I occasionally run into. When I trigger good night routine, all lights turn off, etc. SHM gets set to Armed (Home). I have a smart lighting setup that turns on a couple lights in the living room if motion is detected. It’s set to run between 11:30pm and 7am. The thought is that if you come downstairs into the living room in the middle of the night you want the lights on. They then turn off a few minutes after motion is not on any more. Works perfect except for one specific circumstance.

If one of us wakes up late and cannot sleep, come downstairs, and maybe watching TV with the lights, off, or fall asleep in a chair or on the couch, every time you move the lights come on. I should add that my good night routine is triggered when motion stops for 15 minutes after 11:30, in case we don’t trigger it manually.

So its a loop. Lights come on, I set mode to good morning or something similar, then good night kicks off again, then lights come back on, etc.

I guess this is more of a logic issue, than a CORE issue, but thought maybe someone had a good piston for this or something similiar