Smart things fail

So my basement flooded today. I go down there is the smart things water detection sensor sitting in a puddle. No alarm, app still shows connected and dry. Basically thanks for nothing smart things, nice job with the hardware.

Ugh - I’m sorry to hear that!

I only recently discovered that my water sensor (i just have one) has been offline for a long time, presumably since the firmware update back in Oct/Nov…

The offline status was only acknowledged on the graph.api webpage, which I don’t have any reason to routinely check. In the app itself, the sensor was showing normal operation - dry, battery status, etc - but none of that was actually true.

So, I popped the batteries out and back in, and it’s now working as advertised once again. I wonder if perhaps your sensor was in the same boat (no pun intended) as mine - perhaps it’s really been offline for a while?

I hope there wasn’t too much damage!

Mine go offline so often, they’re basically useless.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: At present, SmartThings does not do wellness checking for individual end devices. And the mobile app just shows you the last recorded status, not how long it’s been.

A community member has created a very popular smart app, simple device viewer, which checks the log entries for individual end devices and notifies you if it hasn’t checked in for reporting period that you set. It’s worth looking at.


Man that sucks. Does remind me that we all should check these sort of devices frequently. Much like smoke detectors should be checked monthly…not that any of us do this. I do go in and check my leak sensor’s temp reporting fairly frequently. I figure if its updating temp it in theory should be updating the cloud… But yea now thinking might be worth picking it up and splashing some water on the counter every now and then to test it.

Once again when someone starts telling me they want to use ST as their alarm because its cheaper…I point out things like this.

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Oh the irony. This exact case is why the CEO @alex founded the company to solve this issue. Yet 3+ years later they cant pull it off.

I just replaced batteries in my water sensors and found 3 were offline.

File a small claims court claim against them.


Way back when I bought them I asked SmartThings if there was a test button or something, no there isn’t was the answer I got. Basically means another good idea half done by people who would never use them in their lives, so why should they care.

This great - thank you for the steer to this one! Installed now - working well :slight_smile:

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