Is there a way to send a summary of the days activity or a delayed notification?

We used our back door yesterday which is rarely used, and discovered this morning we’d forgotten to lock it. The door has a ST multi sensor on it and my wife asked if there is any way we can get an email, text or notification at e.g. 10 pm in the evening if the back door had been opened at any point during the day, reminding us to check it before bed.

I’ve been trying to figure this out and cannot find any smart apps which would cater for this or send a delayed notification.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Rule Machine (if you have it installed already) has an option to delay actions.

Unfortunately I don’t have Rule Machine installed

Look for a app called Left IT open, I use it on all my external doors. You can set minutes to alert you and how many minutes between alerts until it’s closed,

I use one app for each door. But I made them all child apps so I can keep it all tidy. If you can’t find it let me know,

I’m assuming this solution won’t work since you want to know if the door was opened, even if it’s already been closed.

The SmartApp below isn’t meant for this purpose, but I’m pretty sure it can do what you’re trying to.

If you set the last event notification threshold to something like 10 minutes it will immediately send a notification when you save the settings, but it won’t send another notification until 10+ minutes after the next time the door is opened.

You can’t set a specific time to send the notifications, but you can limit the notifications to a specific mode, like Night mode, which will delay sending the notification until it’s in that mode.