SmartThings Device Batteries Die with no warning

I have several ST brand sensors (multi sensor, open/close sensor, motion sensor). Each of them use the same small battery. I have found that sometimes the device simply stops reporting data to ST. Last known battery percentage is typically in the 60’s. Removing/replacing with the same battery does nothing, but popping in a new battery makes the device instantly start reporting again.

Therefore, I have deduced that the batteries die without warning, and the ST battery guage on these devices are completely meaningless (65% to dead in an instant)!

Knowing this, what apps are out there to circumvent being in the situation where a battery is dead but I don’t actually know it? Is there any smart app that says “if no data received for a day, send an email” or something? At least it lets me look into the problem, rather then just have a door sensor that hasn’t actually been working for weeks and I didn’t know it.


You can set notifications for devices without activity for X days with this app.


Also this thread is about the %.

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Just happened to me yesterday, I made a rule in CoRE to notify me if the temperature hasn’t changed in 6 hours to SMS me as a workaround for the 2 smart things contact sensors that I have.

You guys should really look at the simple device viewer as mentioned above.

I am suspecting these ST multipurpose sensors using CR2450 battery, have unusual corrosion on the battery contacts. Since I treated it with chemical contact cleaner, it updates temperature every 2 hours or 2F, and battery report has been unchanged at 88%. But it’s only been a month since treatment testing.

SimpleDeviceViewer has some kind of supervision/notification built-in, and an excellent device battery report for on-demand.

Simple Device Viewer is a great fix, after tinkering to understand how it worked, I now have it set up so that if I don’t hear from a device for 2 days (no temp, motion, whatever) - then send a push notification to me. In this case, I can get around the 67% issue, which affects every ST device I have. Thanks all for the help.