Loss of connection to Hub

Every few weeks, I notice that I no longer have network access to my hub. In order to recover, I need to reboot.

Today my smoke detector went off (someone cooking, not emergency), and I never received an email notification. When I went into the mobile app, I do not get any indication an event occurred, or that I have no connection. My home screen shows the smoke OK

Sometimes devices just stop responding and there’s really no built in way to know about it. The SmartApp below allows you to easily see the last event time of all your devices and setup a threshold so you can receive push or SMS notifications if a device doesn’t respond within that time frame.

The issue is with the hub and not the Smart App.

Logging in via the web, I show the hub as inactive. The only way to resolve this is with rebooting the hub

Same problem here.

I have recently gotten my hub and it seems whenever my internet connection hiccups during (I think) a ping it goes inactive. I own a ‘hub v2, US customer Rev E’ .

It seems that once it fails a ping, it just gives up and stays inactive until I do a manual reset.

Tonight, I reset my internet connection (rebooted my router) and after about a minute, I got an alert that the hub was inactive. That’s good. After 30 minutes of being back online, the hub was still inactive. It’s like it just gave up even though I was connected to the internet.

[quote=“dbfrager, post:3, topic:44318”]
Logging in via the web, I show the hub as inactive.
[/quote]I have no idea what could be causing that and you should probably contact ST support about it.

That SmartApp I mentioned isn’t a solution, but since SmartApps run in the cloud, you could use it to monitor a device that usually has a lot of activity. If that device stops having activity, it can send you a notification so you’ll know that you need to reboot the hub.

Here is the reply I received from Support:

Yes, unfortunately there is a known issue with ATT Uverse
customers where their Hubs will go offline periodically and not automatically
reconnect to our servers. Our engineers are VERY aware of the problem and
working to get it resolved; we should have an update out in the next several
weeks that will address the issue. Until then, I apologize for the trouble, but
a reboot should get the Hub back online anytime it happens to disconnect.