All temperatures at one screen

Additionally, it would be nice if Smartthings included this type of functionality in the Smart Home Monitor, since climate monitoring is important to many users.

Thanks for all the info.

Can you just give me a start point for how to do it in CoRE ?
I didn’t know that Core could provide info in one screen.

Sorry, I’m not sure. Not a CoRE pro. I just assumed there would be some form of aggregation that would be possible.

I’ve just tried SmartTiles. That’s what I am looking for.
But it’s not good to rely on a 3rd party web site for such funtionality. I am looking for similar purpose smart app or standalone app (Android)
It may be less complex.

Howdy Mekabe … and welcome to SmartTiles (soon to be replaced with much easier to configure ActionTiles™!

We like to remind our potential users that SmartThings is a platform, not just a product. Just like Google and Apple do not make all the Apps and Services you use on phone, SmartThings will not be making all the Apps and Services for your SmartThings Smart Home.

ActionTiles is just an add-on web-based App for to build simple customizable alternative dashboard panels to view and control your SmartThings home.


Search simple Device Viewer in the forum. It is another Web based app that groups your devices like this.

I use smarttiles and simple device. Each has their own advantages and use cases.


I will try that also.
But I prefer not to be connected to a 3rd party because of 3 reasons:
1- privacy (I don’t want to open my devices at home to people in 3rd parties. Rather trust only Samsung smartthings team)
2- additional costs (the 3rd party might request a fee for this service)
3- connectivity issues

If there’s no standalone app / smart app , maybe I can consider writing my own code.
I am looking for a far more simple interface.

I don’t think your opening your devices to third party unless you give out the Web address to someone.

They use a oath token for access that you can revoke if you feel there’s an issue.

I believe that has been discussed in depth in other topics.

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But if I enter my IP cam URL’s to the configuration, does anyone at the 3rd party company see this information ?

I can’t answer that but I’m sure if you go to the topic for each of those apps and tag the developer he can explain how that works. Or even if you tagged them here with the question.

But my personal opinion, if someone REALLY wants to look at your cameras or your devices, phone data, ect… Be it only connected to smarthings or whatever. It could be done.


Simple Device Viewer is a community developed SmartApp, it’s not 3rd party so all your settings are stored by SmartThings. I can’t see anything you’ve added to the SmartApp and I don’t even have a way of finding out the total number of installations.

If you enable the Dashboard you can view it from any computer, but no one else will know the url, unless you give it out. If you did accidentally give the url to someone, they’d only be able to see the screens that you can see and it doesn’t support cameras.

All the screens are also visible within the SmartApp so enabling oAuth and the dashboard is optional.

SmartTiles is (or at least will be) 3rd party so you would be giving them some information that they could technically see, but they probably have some type of privacy policy.


Thanks for that clarification @krlaframboise. Yours was the Smartapp that I couldn’t remember. :slight_smile:

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It depends on each particular “3rd party”. This Topic is about temperatures though, what does this have to do with IP Cameras, may I ask?!

well, if I use SmartTiles, I won’t be able to avoid using my cameras with it. It is a good feature.

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thanks. that’s what I am looking for.
everything running within Smartthings mobile app.

Yes… It is a popular feature, though it was something that just evolved into place and still has a limitations.

SmartThings has a big advantage over SmartTiles / ActionTiles when it comes to video: i.e., SmartThings has a piece of hardware (i.e., the Hub V2) that acts as a bridge for video streams to the SmartThings Cloud.

Currently, SmartThings has not opened up the video streaming API to Community Developers. When (if?) they do, then we have a greater chance of compatibility parity. At the moment, we use entirely different paths to video.

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Any news about this idea of collecting temp data from sensors? I wonder since this thread is a bit old.

I use an app called Home Remote, you can import all your devices from ST and have a far superior UI configured how you want and it is wayyy easier to see at a glance, each device can be shown multiple times on different pages if needed

No skills required either

Just a quick note to anyone considering Home Remote. Right now it is based on groovy so when groovy is shut down, Home Remote may cease unless it gets updated to work on the new platform. Something to think about if you are going to use it :slight_smile:


Even if it is blank it’s still a better UI than ST’S offering :sweat_smile: