Multipurpose Sensor - notifications/SMS & temperature?

I just received a SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to use it.

I was hoping to get a push notification every time this sensor detects “open”, regardless of what security mode is currently set in Smart Home Monitor.

I can set up a routine to do a push notification, although the wording of the notification is a bit odd - Performing “Door opened” for you as requested, because Door was opened. I assume the wording can’t be configured, but can I do something like have the routine turn on a virtual switch, and when that virtual switch is ‘on’ it sends a push notification with wording that I can control?

I can set up Smart Home Monitor to do a push notification, but I think I have to set it to either “Arm (away)” or Arm (stay)" to get those notifications, and I am not in the habit of changing that at all (since we’re not using the alarm).

Bonus question - it would be cool (hah!) to be able to get a notification when the temperature goes below or above a certain range. I can’t see any way in Routines to be able to configure that. Is this possible, and if so, how?


If you’re considering adding Virtual Switch(es) to the mix don’t — just simplify the whole setup and write a ~20 line SmartApp to monitor doors and send push notifications.

This CoRE SmartApp allows you to do almost anything you can think of. It’s still an Alpha release so there’s no documentation, but if you have any questions post them on that page and someone will help you out.

The Simple Device Viewer SmartApp allows you to see all of your temperature sensors on the same screen and it can send you push and/or SMS messages based on a high and low temperature threshold.

You can optionally have it send you reminders at an interval you specify and you can limit the notifications to specific modes.

It also allows you to receive notifications based on Battery level and if a device has gone too long without any activity.

I just realized that if you use the “Custom” option when setting up a rule in Smart Home Monitor, you should be able to do everything you mentioned.

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Thanks very much Terry & Kevin. I’ll ponder those over the next few days.


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To close the loop, setting up SHM using “Custom” did what I needed.