Simple Device Viewer

I hate to ask, but I have seen many threads on here talking about the Simple Device Viewer. I cant figure out where to find this. I tried the web page and both the classic and regular app. I want to get feedback from the system when I lose power at an outlet.

It’s a smartapp you need to set up in the IDE and then install/configure via the mobile app.

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I go in to the smart app, but dont see this app.

Ok, let’s start over…

Simple Device Viewer is a SmartApp (not the ST mobile app) that you set up in the IDE, or otherwise known as a developer’s workspace. Once you do that you can access it via the mobile app.

Did you do that first? If you have not done that, or do not know what the IDE even is, then start here:


Im in IDE, i went into smart apps.
I clicked “New smart app.”
What now? I looked in the “From template” tab, its not in there. I dont know where else to go.

Select from code and then paste the code from this link

Select publish, then save. Then in the ST app, select SmartApps and you’ll see SDV.

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Look at the link I provided above for how to use custom code. It provides step by step instructions on how to use code like this.

I pasted the code then publish and save. I see it in IDE, but it isn’t in my app.

Did you tap on the large “+” next to the three vertical dots and then tap on SmartApp to install it?

You can also tap on the three horizontal bars on the left side of the mobile app and then tap on SmartApps. Then tap on “+” and scroll down until you see My SmartApps.