Using Core to notify when Devices go Offline?

I went out of town for a couple weeks and monitored the house while away. Everything went better than expected. I only had one device go offline. The downside was that it was a door lock. Good thing it was the garage lock. Three others went offline only because the house sitter flipped a switch.

Question is, how can I use core to notify me when a device goes offline or unavailable. I have researched the topic, but am unable to understand how to make it work with what it said. Can anybody help me out on this? Thanks in advance!

Edit: I have lights, sensors, locks, and outlets on my system.

You don’t need core for this. There are a number of different wellness check smartapps thar already exist that will do this very well.

I think the most popular is “simple device viewer.”

It will install like any other custom smartapp, and has a ton of features. :sunglasses:


I just installed this. It works to show me everything. I would like something that is a little more hands off though. I don’t want to have to go look to see if something is offline. I would like to notified when it is offline. Maybe I don’t have this app set up right? It goes off last event, I don’t use everything in a couple days. Sometimes longer. So that doesn’t really work for me

It has the option to notify you when there hasn’t been any activity on the device for whatever period of time you set. Most devices report in at least once a day, some more often than that. So “last event” won’t be just when you last used it. It’s a good stand in for off-line.

Because these are mesh devices, there isn’t the equivalent of an off-line report like you would get from Wi-Fi device. The devices are just supposed to check in occasionally, and the absence of a check in will then represent being off-line.

For more questions about it ask in the authors thread, and people there will be able to tell you specifics.

Note this in particular:

Receive Push and/or SMS notifications based on temperature, battery level, and/or time since last event.

I am learning so much here! So if I understand correctly, I set it to notify me if 2 days and no event. That should effectively notify me of a device goes offline for 2 days? Is that correct?

Yes, for most devices.

The only exception I can think of right now is smoke detectors, which are sometimes set to check in only once a week in order to extend their battery life. But that’s an unusual device class.