[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

Sorry I do not understand.

I copy the code fron the handler and the app (in that order) y see that at the beginning of the code it sais the version ok.

But on my device is still 5.0.7

Are you publishing it after saving it?

yes I have. I even anfer all the times trying, remuved everything and did all the steps again 1 by 1 with the latest code.

So you’re sure you’ve pasted the latest code from the server. However when you publish it still shows the old version in the phone app. If so I would contact ST support. Maybe try killing your phone app and start over. Never seen this before. Usually people end up copying old code due to browser caching or forget to publish it. @slagle

I just tried the new code and it works just fine. Thanks @RBoy.

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FWIW, I monitor my individual cams (and everything else SmartThings) with the Simple Device Viewer SmartApp. Works really well. That said, it can’t monitor the Sync Module, so that’s an appreciated feature since the Blink app doesn’t seem to have that ability (or anything else – where are all these Q1 2016 features?).

I am interested in viewing recorded videos and deleting them from ST

First, an apology! This may well be the most questions in a single post anywhere here. I’m (1) very new to SmartThings – a rookie user – and (2) definitely not a tech-minded guy. I’ve read through this entire, long thread . . . and I’m still a bit confused.

I’m using ST (so far) entirely for home security, using SHM. I’ve set up a bunch of Routines that automatically arm and disarm my SHM security. So far, it’s working perfectly and I LOVE it!

I just picked up a single Blink camera, purchased (and, to my surprise, successfully installed) the app/device handler here, and I’m now trying to get Blink set up.

I’m hoping to use my Blink as both a camera and motion detector in SHM Security and in various Routines that I’ve built.

  • When my SHM Security is armed, will my Blink function like a regular SmartThings motion detector, i.e. will motion detected on the Blink trigger the entire SHM system and sound my ST alarm? (Or will it only trigger that one Blink camera and only record a video on it?)

  • When using a Blink unit in ST, is there any way to have it function only as a regular motion detector … i.e. without motion triggering a video and Blink alarm alert? (In addition to using it when my SHM is armed, I’d like to use it to detect motion in a certain room when we’re home and the SHM system is unarmed – and without triggering a Blink alert or taking a video.) If that’s possible, how do I do that?

  • When I go into my Things in the ST App, and I look at the page for my Blink camera . . . there are two button controls on that page. One toggles between “System Active” and “System Inactive”. Is the same as what’s called ‘Armed’ and ‘Disarmed’ in the Blink app? Or does it mean something different?

  • The other control button there is the Green Running Man icon, where toggling changes it between On and Off. Is that the same function as the Man in the Blink app, where an individual camera is turned on / off … regardless of whether the full Blink system is Armed/Disarmed?

  • If I’ve understood the above two correctly (i.e. "System Active/System Inactive means the same thing as Blink Armed/Blink Disarmed, and Green Running Man On/Off means an individual Blink camera is On/Off) . . . how is it possible to have “System Inactive” but Green Running Man = “On” in SmartThings? If the whole system is Inactive (i.e. Blink fully disarmed) how can an individual camera be “on”? Can someone help me understand what’s happening in that state?

  • Blink is set up as a Switch in ST. When I toggle that switch on/off, what exactly is changing in Blink? Is it toggling “System Active/Inactive”? Or is it toggling “Running Man On/Off”? Or some combination of the two? Or something entirely different?

  • If in SHM Security, if I select Blink as a Siren under “Alert with Sirens”, what happens when my SHM Security is armed, and then an intrusion is detected – i.e. my alarm sounds? Will it immediately take a still picture? Or a video? Or will the Blink camera only be activated in that situation if that same Blink detects motion after the alarm sounds?

  • In setting up my Blink in ST and playing around with it, I’ve taken countless “Snaps” . . . all useless still photos of my desk. How do I delete ‘snap’ photos that I’ve taken in SmartThings? (The same photos don’t seem to appear anywhere in the Blink app…)

Appreciate any help the community can give to a confused newbie!


@RBoy Any way to add a switch to enable / disable this functionality for push notifications? My module goes on/offline several times a day, or at least reports as such.

Personally I would be concerned why the SM goes offline, connection stability, issue with SM etc. It’s not normal for it to go offline, I’ve never seen any of the ones in the lab here go offline even once in over a month.

I do not know what is happening.

I still have the 5.0.7 version, I have tried everything. Unintalling the app, the blink manager from my phone, installing the blink handler and app from the start (with the lates code on the web page) and still nothing.

See the photos attached.

I would suggest you contact ST support to see what’s going on and why it’s still using the old code. Maybe the old app is still cached/stashed away in the IDE somewhere. Sorry I’ve never seen the IDE behave like this before. @jody.albritton any suggestions?

For the last few days Blink is arming itself automatically without any intervention,and without a smart app. I dont know if it is Blink or the ST App. Can you suggest what can it be and how can I prevent it?


It’s likely something which is triggering it, check your routines or any apps linked to it (open the device and see what smartapps are linked to it) and check each app. Look at the device log it may mention which app is arming it.

EDIT: Best way to test it is remove all connected apps and remove it from SHM and Routines also.

I removed all the smart apps. It seems that I have a duplicated device “Blink Living Room” and “Living Room Camera”. How do I know which one to remove and which one to keep?

i was unable to access your webpage to download latest code.

Doing some maintenance, should be up shortly, sorry about that.

Yerterday I tried resetting the hole thing, the hub.

Uninstalled the smartthings app and deletes everything from the page https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com/login/auth

Just now I tried installing the blink handlers and app again (step buy step form this blog) and when i go to install the app on the smartthings app still apears the 5.0.7 version. These is veryyyy extrange. I double checked and the code is the version 5.0.9



I was stuck on an older version similar to you notwithstanding my deleting everything and inserting the new code. Couldn’t make sense of it. Tried deleting everything and updating to the newest code every week or two and finally it just worked. Since the version I was stuck on did what I needed the smart app to do – turns cameras on and off based on my routines – I never got that worked up about it but it was perplexing to say the least. Maybe it was human error.

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What app are yall using to turn the camera on and off? I want the camera to start recording if someone steps on the mat at the front door. I tried RM, but it just seems to have the option to take a picture!