Battery Issues / Motion Sensors—how to get automatic battery level reports?


I’ve started noticing a trend with my smart things motion sensors ( GP-U999SJVLBAA); once the device batteries discharge to below 40% they start registering false positives and triggering the intruder alarm. This is behaviour is consistent it seems.

To overcome the problem manually I’ve taken to checking all battery powered devices once a week. This is time consuming and very counterintuitive for a smart system. It would be far smarter if there was a way to filter devices by power status, assuming that all non battery powered devices would always be at 100%, and all battery powered devices would by default be 100% or less. Then it would be simple to find the ones with the lowest battery.

Even smarter than this would be the ability to tell ST to notify the user when a device falls below N% battery life.

Even better would be if ST knows that this false positive condition exists, they could fix the error condition to behave in a more predictable way?

Battery reporting is difficult and inaccurate at best. But, something is better than nothing so, here are three solutions that give you a heads-up when battery levels reach a pre-set level. There are very likely more than these, but they’re the ones I use:

This may be more than you want to undertake, but I use ActionTiles…