Monitor status on all sensor batteries?

Is there a smart app to monitor the status on all sensor batteries?
Rule Machine use to be able to give me an alert when the battery was less than 10%.

I don’t know about an app, I just created a SmartTiles dashboard that has the battery status for all my sensors so I can quickly view them all in one place


There is an App for that :slight_smile:
Simple Device Viewer is what you need

I made a dashboard in Smarttiles and it works perfectly

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Try the Battery Monitor

It is clean, simple and with notification capability.


the smart-app “Battery Tester” made by I-don’t-know, will take your input of (low) battery level e.g. 30% and report all sensors that are less in the phone-app Notifications/Messages . You can enter “111%” and get all devices.

It reports a goofy count of far more battery devices than I actually have, but it is useful for doing on-demand battery check.

SmartTiles battery screen was too much work for me and unnecessary traffic but sounds good.

Like half of the others here, I have a separate dashboard configured in SmartTiles.

If you wanted to be able to tell quickly if any batteries are low, you could configure it so that the tile colors change based on the battery level (green to yellow to red, or even more gradually)

BatteryMonitor worked well for me. I know this is an old thread, but I can’t find an alternative. Is there something newer?

Simple Device Viewer in this thread