Can I get an alert or notification when a sensor battery dies?

hi, I use several multi-purpose sensors as security sensors on doors and windows.
Every month or so I check out the devices and find one has been out of communication with the hub for some time because the battery died. This is my burglar alarm, having senors stop functioning is a problem. Is there some kind of alarm or notification I can configure so I know when a sensor goes down? thanks

If it drops below 20% battery, you should get a notification similar to this.

There is currently no notification if a device totally drops off for dead battery or other reasons unless you use a custom smartapp like Simple Device Viewer.

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Curious about this as well. I know in webCoRE there is a “Ping” option but never really dove into it much. I wonder if you could set a Piston to Ping devices periodically and if it doesn’t report back, then send notification to check device…

I use Action Tiles to keep an eye out on my batteries. When they are in blue, that means that they are running low. However, even in blue, they could continue to work for months…I even had one sensor to report in the negative for months.

Not a good idea with SmartThings as it’s not designed to behave as one. That’s why it called SmartThings Home “Monitor”.

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If you have access to @RBoy apps, he has a, “Low Battery Monitor and Notification” that I use and it works well.

You can also go to their Facebook page for more information here:.

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I have been using simple device viewer.

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Will this work in the New App?

When I migrated over months ago this one did not work so I uninstalled it.

yes. you can install groovy smartapps in the new app now.

I have added and removed devices from simple device viewer in the new app. The screen shot was taken from within the new app.

Check out this thread, and @RBoy is the best! [RELEASE] Low Battery Notification with Customizable Alert/Warning/Monitor, Configurable Thresholds and Device Monitoring Alerts