[BROKEN] NST Manager v5.0 (Does Not Work Anymore)

Sadly this integration is no longer functional due to Google’s stupid decisions :expressionless:


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I was the brave one who might have tried first and it didn’t go well. I first updated all of the DH’s like you mentioned via GitHub integration. Went fine.

I then installed from the IDE the NST Manager Automation in the IDE. It’s now available to install from Mobile app, but when I go to install it, it asks me to setup new automations which I don’t want to do, so I skip this part.

I then update the NST Manager SA and it opened the first time with the donation screen but now nothing happens and I get this error:

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script14909207708691797697015.getAutomationsInstalled() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] @ line 2201

Did you follow the upgrade instructions?
This requires the new automations child app be installed

I think I got confused…in the top of the instructions It says to do this:

If you have existing automations it’s imperative that you install the new automations file along side the manager file then update all device handlers.

Towards the bottom:

Try to update the code in this order:

All Device Handlers
NST Automations SmartApp
NST Manager SmartApp

I did the bottom instructions since it stuck out at me. Can I recover or am I screwed? I do see the automations in my logs.

You shouldn’t be screwed.
If you installed the new automation smartapp it should start the migration after a minute. Try going into the manager app again.

Well, the good news is I do see IDE log entries for my old automations. When I go to open Nest Manager, I get in the IDE and nothing happens in the mobile app.

42dca54b-7032-475c-bcdc-06d19d780a1c 8:50:31 PM: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script14909204616811797697015.getAutomationsInstalled() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] @ line 2201

I do not see the Child Automations app listed in my Mobile app, only in my IDE. Is that ok?

You will not see an additional app. This update is very complex is because it contains a migration mechanism which performs a full backup of your old automations and restores them using the new automation file and removes the old ones.

I haven’t seen this occur in the 90 days of testing internally.

I guess we can wait to see if others have this issue too. As of now, while my automations appear to be running, the only way for me to see or edit them is to go into one of my devices and click “smartapp” and then I see see the automations.

I have updated it and keep getting notifications for being offline. I have followed all the steps.

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Do the devices show offline in the device list?

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It shows online

Is it all devices or a specific type (i.e Thermostat, Protect, Camera, etc.)?

All of them sending notifications

How will we know if everything want as planned?

If you open the manager app > goto automations > all listed items should contain (NST) in the labels


Hey, when you get that migration issue figured out… you should send that over to ST to show them it CAN be done on this platform… lol…

btw… this app makes me want to go and buy a bunch of Nest Products… I just want to try it out cause the screen shots look awesome!


The migration process itself is 100%. Its the old versions of nest Manager child apps that are causing unforeseen issues

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##NOTICE: v5.0 has been re-pushed to github.
We apologize for any issues.
If you experience any upgrade issues with you existing automations unfortunately you may need to manually remove them and re-install you automations again.

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