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Well, I beg to differ, and many of my contributors…See all the past testimonials about my solutions

How convenient!

I’ve been using my code at my home for more than 5 years now (and many contributors have been using it as well)… My HVAC system is almost 20 years old, and there has been no additional wears and tears…

That’s the most concrete evidence… And, it’s much more concrete than a long diatribe without concrete data…

It’s a good thing that you are saying that this is your humble opinion… I have many contributors who have a different opinion as well and one opinion doesn’t worth all the feedback I got in this thread. Again, refer to all previous testimonials in this thread for more details.

I’m sorry but without concrete data analysis & metrics, your humble opinion is as good as anybody’s out there…

I was the first back in 2014 to implement the concept of remote sensors to adjust the thermostat’s setpoints, there are now many smartapps in the ST community forum which use remote sensors to adjust the thermsotat’s setpoints (not only for the ecobee, but now for any ST connected thermostat including the Honeywell, Nest, zigbee or zwave ones)

Are you saying that most of the ST users here in this forum should have problems with their HVAC system??

Just look at the virtual thermostat,

Nst manager

5-2 Thermostat scheduler

And, so on.

Good luck with your pseudo analysis…

And, I won’t be answering any more posts from you as I have a full time job and a family, and my support time is limited.

EDIT: And, this is your post almost 2 years ago, and since then, no news from you (after bombarding me with more than 20 emails in short time frame -in a little bit more than 1 week asking about feature requests, possible bugs and so on):