Smoke Detector recommendations

I need to replace my Visonic smoke detectors and am looking for recommendations on devices that work well with the Smartthings hub V2. I would like interconnected ones or the ability to sound all the smoke detector alarms if one unit goes off.


I started buying Halo’s for my house after 2 relized the cost was going to too much. Then I found this:

The Halos are still connected and work great for the rest I followed this write up. The Halos do not interconnect with the rest of the house but they are close enough to the interconnected ones that if they trip the interconnected ones will be going off also. If I had seen this write up first I wouldn’t have bought the Halos at all

Safetyfirst…Nest Protect. Solid device and works well with NST Manager…

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Are you existing ones connected to a 12/24V low voltage alarm system?

They are not . They are battery only.

Is the Smartapp native to Smartthings or do I need to install one?

I am very happy with my Fibaro smoke detectors. They are small at only 2.5" across and the device handler is standard in SmartThings.

Yes, you need to install one…

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There aren’t many reviews at this site, but … they sure are very concerning.

Personally, I’m mostly happy with my inexpensive First Alerts. I trust that they detect smoke and sound their alarms. I can’t trust their battery level reporting, however, as they don’t send out a dying gasp Z-Wave message before going into “chirp, chirp” low battery indication mode.

I bought a Halo from Lowe’s (get a coupon). It is interconnected with my Kiddle alarms and will trip with them or cause them to trip. It is natively supported in ST.

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Halo all the way! I have one on each level and the rest are wired non connected.

Well, one review concerns me. I also have ‘regular’ smoke detectors, but have not had an incident to know if one triggers and the other does not. I need to find a reliable way to test smoke detection just in case they are right. For the rest I have not had any of the same issues. Paired easily and no false alarms ever.

I did test the whole system by lighting a match then blowing it out right under the Halo detector. It tripped the whole house and notified me on my phone.

I have NOT tested it the other way around, but the only thing that might not work is the phone notification. Once I get a chance to test that I will report back.

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