New Smarthings App and NST Manager?

I recently moved to the new smarthings app. I see that NST Manager doesnt work on the new app? Has there been any indication of when the new app will properly support custom smart applications?

Try asking your question in the author thread for the NST manager code. You should get your best answer there.

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That’s correct.

That’s a great question, and I don’t believe there’s been any formal communication from ST on something like that. There are so many custom DTH’s and SmartApps current in use that it may be a long while before the new app can provide the same capabilities that Classic currently does. Who knows though for sure.

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My NST Manager and all devices work in SmartThings (Samsung Connect). Most of it anyway. Have you kept the code updated? As others have noted, you should go to the NST Manager thread.

FYI, the NST Manager app is located in Dashboard > settings > connected services since it is a cloud-to-cloud app.

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I am using the new Samsung SmartThings app and am unable to even load the NST Manager. When i open the Dashboard > settings > connected services, all i see is Arlo (Connect). Any ideas how to load a smart app on the new Samsung SmartThings app?

Thanks all, i have managed to get it working. I reinstalled the classic app and managed to get it showing