[REMOVED] Nest Manager 2.0

(Anthony S.) #1

###This SmartApp and Device Handlers are Outdated

Please follow the link below to the newest version:


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[REMOVED] Nest Manager
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(Ben W) #2

@tonesto7 has been an animal getting this ready. Want to thank you and @E_Sch for working on this with me. There are some cool changes in version 2.0.

Connect Nest Manager to additional switch
(Marc) #3

I updated via github and I get the below error. I made sure everything is updated and published.

(Ben W) #4

There is a new device handler (weather) make sure you grab that.

(Andreas A.) #5

Same here - all DH and new automations SmartApp updates and published. I had to go through my devices and delete multiple “Install Test” devices for each DT. The IDE logging shows
Cannot get property 'full' on null object @ line 529
for each InstallTest device.

The actual data in the previously installed devices shows up fine and uses the new DTH - the only things that is not showing correctly is the device type version (looks like it is not pulling the latest JSON for that).

(Marc) #6

I did make sure. Could this be that child parent app bug?

(Andreas A.) #7

Awesome work - looks great (as long as I don’t open the Manager app for now…).

You probably would want to change

font-family: 'Lucida Grande';

in the in-page HTML to

font-family: 'San Francisco', 'Roboto', 'Arial'; 

for a consistent UI - see

(Ben W) #8

Good call out on the fonts. Will get that in tonight. Not sure on the test devices, will see what tonesto7 has to say.

(Marc) #9

Hmm…everytime I go into the app and click done, it creates like 15 test devices. I deleted all of them out but still get same error.

(Andreas A.) #10

@tonesto7 @desertblade

The issue seems to be with the following code:

        def testDevs = getAllChildDevices()
        if(testDevs.size() == 4) {

If you upgrade from a previous version and had devices installed getAllChildDevices() will return more than 4. testDevs should probably be filtered based on the presence of :InstallTest in the name.

(Kaan Ozturk) #11

I am having the same issue. It is installing multiple apps which says “Installtest” right next to it.

(Anthony S.) #12

Update your code. I pushed out a fix to bypass device handler

(Anthony S.) #13

the installtest’s are the test device handlers installing. They will be removed after the test is finished

(Chris) #14

Hi Anthony, I hit “done” and it shows the same thing that mbhforum sees, that device handlers are missing. Should I remove it and reinstall the app? that would count against your “install” count, would it? They show as installed in the IDE

(Kaan Ozturk) #15

Recent update fixed the issue. Thanks a lot!

(Anthony S.) #16

if you download the most recent code the issue should be resolved.

(Chris) #17

I did - Thanks! So, the other installTest devices are still there. I have gone through the app and it showed as it should now and hit “done”. Should I delete the installTest devices or will they go away on their own eventually?

(Anthony S.) #18

open the app and press done… I will remove them.

(Chris) #19

You will remove them? Are you the Borg? But yes, just opened again and hit “done”.

(Marc) #20

Nice, got it installed now! What do you recommend for turning off thermostat based on inside and outside temperature? Within 5 degrees?

Also, I found a bug possibly. When you save your automation, it says now running, but when you click done again, you get the dreaded “failed to save page:namepage” In the IDE logs I see(I scrambled the numbers below)

1174f55c-16c323332- a99e-3f541b923b8d 6:41:10 PM EDT: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘value’ on null object @ line 1055