Smartthings has a way to go, wink wink

Unfortunately for me Smartthings is too far behind on several things. I was going to switch from Wink2 but,

Ring Spotlight Camera - no support
Nest- no support “officially” - have to install some workaround that I couldnt get to work
Lutron light switches - no native support - have to use lutron smartbridge hub
Lutron connected bulb remotes - no support that i can find
GE Link Bulbs - no support or I just couldnt get it to work.

The only thing that the smartthings hub can control that my wink2 doesnt is my wemo plugs.

If I am wrong on these things please enlighten me.

That’s about right. GE Link should work, but their firmware is very buggy, so would never recommend them.

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I am confused… do you have a ST hub?

Yes, but I am returning it. I gave it a try.

Did you try resetting your GE Link bulbs? For the Nest, did you try the NST Manager?

Different things work for different people. There are many devices that SmartThings supports that Wink does not, particularly many zigbee devices. SmartThings also has integrations with LIFX and Harmony; at least the last time I looked, wink did not. So a lot depends on where you are already invested.

As you know, wink has a built in Lutron radio, so you don’t have to buy their smartbridge. But if you do use that built in radio, you can’t also use the Lutron devices with HomeKit, while SmartThings would allow simultaneous dual integration.

SmartThings supports much more complex automation rules than Wink does, but many people won’t need that complexity.

As it happens, our household has both a Wink 2 and a SmartThings hub V2, which manage separate devices, but I know most people are not going to do that. So again, different things work for different people. Choice is good. If wink fits your own needs best, then that is definitely what you should get. :sunglasses:


Yes, but something got messed up in the clientid and secret part from the nest dev

We have seen many users try to copy the clientid and secret over the names in the left columns when they should be copying them into the blank fields to the right of those field names and then click update.

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Thanks sir. I am kinda thinking about using both. I love gadgets. But I also want one app for central control. Why would one also need homekit? My Harmony does work with wink btw.

When I go into settings and click the drop down I see nothing. Those fields are missing. If I decide to keep it I will try NST manager again from scratch. Thanks

Speaking just for myself, we like HomeKit because everything runs locally except the voice control, and the Siri voice control can also operate over cellular if the Internet is out. We also like the app as a dashboard on a wall mount tablet. And we combine it with IBeacon use for some purposes. Finally, because I have an Apple smart watch, I have voice control even in the shower or out in the yard. We also use Amazon echo, and that’s our first choice for voice, but The watch does work in some places where we don’t have echo coverage.


I see. One reason I decided to try smartthings is becasue I am a Samsung phone user. Though it doesnt seem to be any advantage. Homekit does looks sweet.

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I will say this though, you guys seem like a great and supportive community.


The ST community forum is one advantage you will gain. There are many who are willing to assist here :slight_smile:


If you have a Samsung galaxy nine, eventually you will be able to use some Bixby features which will not be available on most other phones. But it’s not really clear yet what those are going to be, just that Samsung says there will be some.

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@vansmak, the community here is great. Like @JDRoberts I run multiple systems… well actually all of them :slight_smile:

EDIT: That should be “most” of them. I don’t have HomeKit (no apple devices) and no professional (paid) installation requirement like Control4 or Crestron etc.

I have SmartThings, Wink Hub 2, Vera Plus, Home Assistant and my Primary is Homeseer. I had OpenHAB2 running as well, but it didn’t give me anything I didn’t have. I have recently turned off some of them.


Official support? No

A community that has gotten everything working before ST has a chance to? Heck yeah!

Murky near future…? Unfortunately… We’ll see how this one plays out…

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I have Wink 2 and you are right on those points but wink is so limited to what you can do it’s not for everybody. The robot is good if you have a couple of devices but more than 50… It gets messy pretty fast.

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