Adding Nest Interface to my Smartthings

Ok. I will try that Brad! It is mind boggling how you never know which
server you are on!!

One thing we have been telling quite a few people using NST Manager lately, feast or phamon, when it rains it pours, lol, is to goto so that when you login you are always redirected to the correct shard for your account.

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Same error message:
“You are missing the Client ID and Secret”
“We can no longer provide you with a built-in Nest Client ID and Secret.
Please check the Wiki for detailed instructions on creating your own Nest
Dev ID and Secret.”

Dana, you keep going back and forth between this thread and the official NST Manager thread. I have posted several times that you need to read the documentation that I provided and create the Nest Developer account first which you will then use information from that to populate the clientID and clientSecret in NST Manager. Did you perform those steps?

This was one of my replies to you yesterday:

I’ve read all of the docs many times. I can not find any reference to how
to create a “Client ID” or a “Secret?” Instead of being vague “read the
documentation” why don’t you simply tell me how to create a "Client ID"
and “Secret” ???

Because it’s a long process and you need to walk thru the documentation step by step. Where it says Nest Developer Account in the wiki, just like what I showed in the screenshot above, you simply click on the link right there at the bottom of the paragraph and that gives you the instructions on how to do all of it.

If you have any further issues, please post on the official thread.

And if you don’t read it step by step, sentence by sentence and miss one thing, you will continue to have issues, so it is imperative that you don’t skip one single sentence in that document.

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Adding 3 wired Nest Protects to my ST setup. I see that the Nest Protects turn on a light when you walk under them. (excited breathing. . .) Can I access the motion detector via ST and trigger other events?

I don’t believe Nest makes that available in their API, so no unfortunately.

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I’m sure your NST manager v5.0 is great but while trying to find the instructions, where to find it and how to install it, I noticed many people have no idea how to even start. You have tons of information that’s spread out and very confusing. I understand we have to follow every single step to install it, but where? Which steps? Obviously many people can’t find this.
I found a youtube video with the instructions but that was uploaded a while ago and aince than smart things interface changed and I just couldn’t follow the video.

I completely support all your efforts but you just have to make the instructions/downloads more user friendly so people can actually use it.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

I have made install about as easy as it’s going to get on this platform
Follow the instruction here:

This app will help you install NST and other community apps

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Hey Anthony, thank you! I’ve seen this link before and the instructions. I’m just saying in general, people are busy and just used to click and install stuff. But in this case looks like Nest doesn’t want to support SmartThings and hopefully this will change soon.
What you guys did is amazing and thank you for making the integration possible.

So I’m in the market to buy a smoke detector or two and since Halo is now gone, I’m looking for other options for hardwired units that can connect to SmartThings. Albeit convoluted, what’s the current status of the Nest Protect? I tried reading through this thread but don’t feel I have a good sense of the state of things NOW.

as a current Halo owner, if i was looking currently, i’d get this. If you have interconnected smoke/co detectors, you only need this one unit. One downside is you can’t silence them from your phone.

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I’ve still found a few Halos on the market, and was thinking of buying one anyways. Is it still playing nice with ST?

Sounds like Nest does not allow Developer accounts anymore, how can i install nest in Smarthub, sorry i am new user and question might be repetitive.

Thanks. I followed all steps but in my mobile App under MY apps I dont see bot Nest apps where as I see that in my online Smartthings, any pointer in what might be missing?

Post any questions in the nst manager thread :grin:

Signed in just to say thank you for this comment. I didn’t continue the setup yesterday once I saw the message on nests Dev website. Your comment encouraged me to keep going and I now have nest up and running in smartthings! It’s great!

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For clarity, will the new ST app allow GitHub integrations like the NST? It seems like the classic app and the ability to use these will go away soon? Thx.