Cheap Cam Solution

Hi Friends, I’m looking for a cheap wifi cam that works with the smartthings hub. Looking to mount over a hall closet to keep an eye on my front interior doorway. While keeping my phone apps down to one to manage my home automation. All suggestions welcomed!!!

Are you saying that you want to view the video in the St app? I don’t think there’s anything that can do that.

Yes would love to see the video in the app if it can’t then that sucks :frowning: I guess connecting to be able to trigger recording works.

Yeah, I’m new to ST myself so I don’t want to answer about which cameras integrate well- but I’ll offer this… It’s my opinion that the ST app is in serious need of an overhaul. It’s clunky & disorganized. There’s no way to see that devices are offline or not responding temporarily, there’s no way to create groups or otherwise arrange your devices, it’s just a pain all around. My intent is to try to open this app in as few situations as possible. In fact, I might purposely stay away from cameras that make me use the ST app to view! Just an opinion.

So I found refurbished dropcams for $55 at my local Microcenter I’m not sure if I could have found them cheaper. I was able to set it up fairly quickly. I then setup NST Manager and bam one application to control home automation and monitoring.

Foscam work with ST…not really cheap

I looked at that brand as an option as well.