Nest: use NST manager or Lutron Caseta?

As long as you don’t allow someone to login to your Samsung/SmartThings account and you dont share the clientID and clientSecret (product id / secret) from the Nest Developer account you created, I wouldn’t worry about security or anyone controlling your Nest Devices from SmartThings.

As for Github and copying code into your IDE (web), this is public code and when you save / publish that code is accessible to your account and then the additional parameters (clientID and clientSecret) make this instance completely unique and only accessible from your account.

The Nest Developer Account / NST Manager link can be found in your Nest Mobile app. If you goto Works with Nest, you will see the Nest Developer product that you created with the name you gave it and all the permissions you defined. This was created when you went through the Authorization process when installing NST Manager.

If you have any other NST Manager related questions, post them in the official thread. :slightly_smiling_face: