Help: Unable to get Nest Manager 5.1.1 to Authorize Nest

Hi Rob, I have also gotten this message “Oops! We encountered an error”. What did you do to resolve it?

I’m on 5.2.0 and have the sane problem with 2FA on and off, I tried both. @tonesto7

Sorry guys i’ve been tied up with work and a new ST project. When you get the oops page it’s becasue our dev id’s are out of tokens. We are now asking new users to create there own dev account to make sure it doesn’t happen any more.

I apologize if the documentation is a big flakey.

Hi folks.

This happened to me a few months back, butbI literally did nothing to fix
it. I just downloaded the latest version from got hub and the issue

It’s not surprising… There have been some platform oddities lately.

Thanks for replying to this message. I have a similar problem with the oops error. I have also created a developer account on Nest and copied in the clientid and clientsecret only to have the error before I even get to the works screen. I followed your documentation and checked it over several times but I am sure I have overlooked something. Any suggestions?

Hi Tony

Firstly Thanks for the app

I’ve installed Nest Manager v5 and in my “select location” it says you cant currently add this. I dont know why

Do I need to be at home. I’ve created this at work.

Any help greatly appreciated

Thanks Tim

Sorry to bump this thread, but I’ve had a ton of issues with NST Manager and Google Home. I finally had to have SmartThings Support delete my NST Manager application so I could link Google Home with it. I linked Google Home and reinstalled NST Manager. I got my secrets by creating a Nest dev account per the wiki and entered those into the IDE. When I open the NST smartapp and enter my Nest credentials, I keep getting “Oops! We’ve encountered an error! Please try again.” Any ideas? I’m sure it has to do with the default oauth callback - when I click on the link, I get:

Oh No! Something Went Wrong!
500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Fri Dec 15 02:56:38 UTC 2017

Is this an issue I need to address with ST Support? I only have Nest Protects and am wondering NST Manager is overkill and if I should look for another solution.

Best place to post your question is in the NST Manager thread…

The problem was discussed in this thread, which is why I posted it here. I just opened a ticket with ST because there is something wrong with my oauth callback link. It will probably take them a week to fix it though…

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The oauth callback link is not accessible through a browser on it’s own so it’s not an ST problem.

You need to post your questions or issues in the official thread moving forward and myself, other NST Manager members, and the developer are more than happy to help you.

Had you posted your issue about Google Home in the official NST Manager thread, we could have saved you the time and trouble of not having to uninstall NST Manager as there is a known issue with GH and a workaround that you wouldn’t have needed to goto support.

For the outstanding issue, you need to check the 3 specific things in the PDF (troubleshooting at bottom of doc) for the leading and trailing spaces of your cut and paste of the clientID and clientSecret and also leading and trailing spaces in the oath callback field.

Post a screenshot of your Overview page from Nest Developer. DO NOT include the section containing your product id on down. Also post a screenshot of the Smart apps page in IDE containing NST Manager and NST Automations. Post those to the following thread:

Was typing when you tagged me :grin:

I actually posted the Google Home issue several places (here and in a couple of FB groups) and I got few, if any, responses. It was pretty frustrating.

At any rate, thanks, I’ll post over in that thread tomorrow - been a long and frustrating day (not because of this) and quite frankly, I’m over it for today. I thought I was careful about leading/trailing zeroes but I’ll double check.

This was an issue that cropped up in the last few days and was also mentioned by one of the ST staff members that affected several different thermostat dths, not just Nest that contained certain capabilities that for whatever reason GH didn’t like when linking accounts and they stated that they were going to create a bug fix for it, but modifying the DTH to remove those two things, linking to GH and then adding those two things (heating and cooling setpoints or something to that effect) back in after GH is linked. I didn’t explain it to you because you already had support uninstall all of NST Manager.

I totally understand your frustrations. We all go through things here that make us want to pull our hair out at one time or another.

Anyway, go back and check those specific things. 20 or more people have had the same oops issue and 9 out of 10 times it’s one of those issues I mentioned. It’s very very picky and sensitive. If you get it going, let us know in the other thread and if you are still having issues, post those screenshots over there. :slightly_smiling_face:

FYI: Here’s a link where the issue between thermostats and GH got some traction and was identified last week:

I appreciate your help, and sorry if I seemed a little snippy. As careful as I was, there was an extra space in the Product ID that I pasted into the clienID which I didn’t see, even though I thought I was pretty careful. Everything works as expected!

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I’m going to be pushing out a fix for that and other things today.

I have an idea on how to resolve this in the smartapp. I’m going to tell the app to trim any and all whitespaces. (Not sure why this didn’t occur to me sooner)

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Hi sorry new to this. I have a question hoping for some help on this I have installed the nest manager app and when i go to access it on my mobile device it comes up with client ID and secret are both missing. How to I install the both keys? again sorry still in a learning curve.

Go to the following link and look for the part on setting up a Nest Developer Account and follow the guide.

Thank you very much up and running a little learning curve but all good.