Help: Unable to get Nest Manager 5.1.1 to Authorize Nest

The oauth callback link is not accessible through a browser on it’s own so it’s not an ST problem.

You need to post your questions or issues in the official thread moving forward and myself, other NST Manager members, and the developer are more than happy to help you.

Had you posted your issue about Google Home in the official NST Manager thread, we could have saved you the time and trouble of not having to uninstall NST Manager as there is a known issue with GH and a workaround that you wouldn’t have needed to goto support.

For the outstanding issue, you need to check the 3 specific things in the PDF (troubleshooting at bottom of doc) for the leading and trailing spaces of your cut and paste of the clientID and clientSecret and also leading and trailing spaces in the oath callback field.

Post a screenshot of your Overview page from Nest Developer. DO NOT include the section containing your product id on down. Also post a screenshot of the Smart apps page in IDE containing NST Manager and NST Automations. Post those to the following thread: