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Smart Heating - Options - Thermostat and TRVs

(Darren) #1


I know there are a few threads on this topic, but instead of hi-jacking an existing one, I decided to start a new one. I’m based in Ireland and therefore the UK and Irish heating options are more or less the same.

The purpose of this thread is a discussion on options, pros cons etc

From what I can gather most people have either gone with the below which provides numerous options :

These kits

  • Nest 3 (as it heats water separately) - Community Developed Integration
  • Honeywell Evohome - potential Official integration sometime (but don’t hold your breath) - Community Developed Integration
  • Netatmo - WIP Community Development Integration

and or these Smart TRVs

  • Danfoss LC13 - Official and Community Development Integration
  • Pop - Community Developed Integration
  • Honeywell Evo

I’m also aware of Fiabro new TRVs.

Based on the prices of the Smart TRVs on all the above or close to the same price point. So i guess its a personal preference and/or home heating set up.

For those with Danfoo and Popp TRVs what thermostats do you use ie non smart ones?

I currently have 2 zones, upstairs and downstairs. I like the idea of each room zoning, however the price points are high and as such I need to calculate my ROI on the options.


(Steve ) #2

I installed Hive about a month ago and love it.
I much prefer the look of the thermostat compared to nest.
It integrates great into SmartThings with the device handler someone on here created.
And I’ve now set up loads of pistons on WebCore to automate it :slight_smile:

(David Jacobs) #3

I have the Honeywell system. Unless you a knowledgeable about heating It is NOT a user installable system. That may be a key part of your decision making. It does appear that Honeywell’s system is well thought out and high end but with that comes a number of issues not least the install. It also relies on a weak comms system that is flaky in a larger home. I do however have it working with ST to an extent. From what I understand TRV’s (on their own) are not a great way to go except in a smaller room.

(Darren) #4

@Steveuk23 Hive interesting , I missed that integration. Thanks for the info.

(Darren) #5

@davidj I wouldn’t have the knowledge and I know I need to add a third zone ie for water only and that requires pipe work.

How have you integrated it into ST, by your own means or did I miss a community developed version?

(David Jacobs) #6

Just search on here. There is a community smartapp created by CODESAUR. It appears to be no longer supported but does work well. It does NOT however support Hot Water.

(Guy) #7

Was just looking this up, and noticed Hive have posted they are working on Smart TRV’s :+1:

(Steve ) #8

That’s good to know.
Knowing Hive though they will probably be a lot dearer than other models like tado for example.

(John Lockwood) #9

In the interests of providing additional information…

Nest do not sell TRVs that can be integrated with their Thermostat. You could instead install your heating as a ‘multi zone’ setup with multiple Nest Thermostats.

Ecobee support for non-US markets is very poor. They also do not themselves do TRVs and again you could go the multi zone approach.

Tado do sell both a smart Thermostat and their own TRVs, they also support a multi zone config again by using additional Thermostats and you could in theory mix both approaches. Uniquely Tado support both OpenTherm also supported by Nest and unlike every other smart thermostat brand they also support eBus as used for example by Valiant and Worcester-Bosch

A device handler for Tado is available here -