[REMOVED] Nest Manager

###This SmartApp and Device Handlers are Outdated

Please follow the link below to the newest version:


This looks awesome.

Great work.


looks great and I like the interface.

Has anyone installed yet? I can’t get the smart app to open under my apps.

Edit: Never mind. Forgot to enable oauth :confused:

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I got it installed. but it isnt reporting the setpoints of the thermostat so none of my Apps will all me to use it.

It’s only on auto mode right. If you switch to heat does it report the correct temp?

it will report a temp but it is not the setpoint that is on the thermostat. Also. I was looking around in the App and noticed the Target temps reported there are not the setpoints that are on the thermnostat

It’s fixed. Stupid oversight as usual… I just pushed to the update to the repo

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Wow I really can’t believe this was missed… I found a bug with the heat / cool temp tiles. They are not working correctly. I’m close to resolving the issue but i won’t likely be until the morning.

Thanks for an awesome app. It really looks awesome and add so much functionality to my SmartThings setup.

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@tonesto7 this is awesome! Is there any way to cut down the number of notifications in my activity feed? So far my 2 nest protects have added 16 notifications and counting within 1 minute! (I haven’t touched the default the polling settings)

There is a setting in the app under preferences > device customization > It’s the only toggle there

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Looks great, but had one nasty issue.

When I installed it, Smartthings popped alerts on all my family’s phones saying smoke detected on every protect. Had I did this at home I could of warned them, but since I am slacking off at work today, and they were all at work and school, it turned into quite a scare.

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This is definitely a new one. I apologize for that.
I honestly didn’t work much on the protects in regards to the alerting. My counterpart @desertblade was working on allowing users to send test alerts to make sure that events in the home would trigger without actually having to create smoke to trip the alarms.

Maybe he can shed some light on how this could have happened.

It is all good. Might be I had all my nest stuff already in with other handlers. Now I have duplicates.

@tonesto7 great job! I noticed a potential bug. I have my Nest set to Heat mode, (not Auto) but the device is showing me Auto. Below, you will see the difference between native Nest app and your device type. I posted the issue in the GitHub issues link.

After login in with my nest credentials I cannot pick a nest location within nest manager.

Technically away mode is Auto. Once the mode returns to Home your heat mode with return

Ahh I see. That definitely can get confusing, but I can that you are working within the technical parameters that Nest defines.

###FYI: Before posting issues please check the logs and try to provide as much detail as possible so I can get your issues resolved as soon as possible.