[REMOVED] Nest Manager 4.0

I noticed that my Nest took a while to accept the changes. How fast is the response once you adjust the temperature from SmartTiles or Smartthings app? Thanks

It typically is under 10 seconds. You can adjust the command wait time in setttings. There is a wait time to help avoid overrunning nest’s rate limits:


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It happens 100% of the time for me… :frowning:

Hi im very new to this, in fact i only installed my hub this morning.

Im looking to control my nest V3 via my smartthings hub and having looked around this looks like my best option.

is there a walk through guide for a new installation ?

Thankyou in advance




Yes, I’ve made sure I have the latest update to nest manager and I still just can’t control them. I just get that same error about a bad request to the API. I’ve tried standing right in front of it and I know it’s online because the Nest App has no issue controlling it. Also tried deleting all of the thermostats, nest manager, device handlers and starting fresh but no luck.

I am brand new to smarthings. I started with Wemo and Nest and decided I wanted a bit more, so here I am. I am a bit surprised that nest isn’t “officially” supported, but this looks to be an even better option. With that, I have a question that, because I am new to all of this, I just want to verify that if I install this, it will in no way cause any disruption with the Nest app or servers. That this Nest Manager will not alter or stop notifications from Nest itself. I realize I would probably get two notifications (Nest Protect), but I just want to make sure that by installing this it will not stop any notifications from the Official Nest App. I just want to be sure that my thermostats and protects will still function as they do today, but with another way to control them. I just want to be sure that if my nest protect goes off, we all get the alert from nest and that this doesn’t somehow block that notification. I know I repeated myself, but I just wanted to make sure I asked the question correctly.

Thank you.

This users Nest’s API to gather data, so it should not cause disruptions.

You do want to pay attention to what automations you enable as these can change nest settings.

See documentation:


[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0.0


This would be awesome if it actually existed. I can’t find this anywhere in ST.

If what existed?

This smart app to integrate with Nest. I don’t see the manager that is being referenced.


Try starting here:


@jbattelle Thousands of users of this smartapp will beg to differ. You need to read up on how to use community smartapps and follow the instructions in the post you have responded to.

The title even says removed. I’m trying to figure out how to use community
apps but I habe only seen whay us in the st app.

Trying to add my existing hub to get to developer options. Says I have no
hubs. This shit is par for the course for Samsung.

I appreciate your frustration.

I suggest you go to the V5 thread in this forum:

The documentation describes be sure to log into the proper shard in SmartThings.

I agree it would be good if they came up with a reliable way to be able to login vs. having to understand their infrastructure and which one you are on.

The issue of not seeing you hub is most likely logging into the wrong shard. There is a list of these in the documentation page pointed to above for NST Manager.

I suggest you reach out to ST support. They are pretty good at helping thru some of these rough spots in getting started. Unfortunately you are not the first, or the last person to hit this. It will “get better” once you get thru some of these rough spots.

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Thanks so much for the help. I’ll definitely take a look and glad to hear
their support is decent. I have a Samsung phone and I know how to use it
better than their techs. :wink:

Hi All,
I am getting the “Can’t reach nest.com right now. Try again soon” issue when trying to connect/authorize Nest Manager. I saw it was a tokening issue. But what do I do to get it to work?

Kevin it might be a temporary issue. But you should post your issue here: