[REMOVED] Nest Manager 3.1

###This SmartApp and Device Handlers are Outdated

Please follow the link below to the newest version:


Do dropcams work with this as well or just Nest Cams?

Just installed it, looks neat! Can you describe how remote sensor automations have changed? I was using it previously, but I had to disable it because it didn’t seem to work great. I set my desired temp to 69 and on really hot days, it moved my set point to 71. Do you think I will still have that issue?

It’s hard to describe exactly how it’s changed except to say that it actually really works now


Do they show up under the Nest App? If they do then Yes

Yes! Thanks!

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The Remote Sensor should honor your desired temperature (at the sensor(s)) correctly now. The thermostat is used for on/off, and the remote sensor(s) are used for determination.


Ok, I will take your word for it LOL

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I’ve been testing 3.0 Beta for a few weeks now and I have to say that the remote sensor truly does work. I have not had to touch or adjust my nest since migrating to the new code. There are still a few things I’d like to see added to remote sensor functionality, but for now it REALLY works. Give it a shot…

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@tonesto7 writes the best release notes.


It seems as if something is not properly initialized for the HTML in the Thermostat DTH - on my iPhone I only get a big white area with nothing showing. Using the simulator I get

{"error":true,"type":"java.lang.NullPointerException","message":"An unexpected error occurred."}


Interesting… I don’t think I have ever used the simulator with a device before :confused:

When you say simulator are you talking about the HTML simulator?

You can use that to check the HTML:

(choose the button at the bottom right to open the HTML tile).

I guess the issue is in lines 1983-1987 - you are using add() on a null object. Safeguarding against null before adding removes the exception caused by add() but some other NullPointerExceptions remain…

Yea i’ve used that 1000’s of times but i have never used the device simulator below it

Also getting issue with thermostat.

I’m working through it right now. Of course it’s like finding a needle in a haystack with the extremely descriptive error like


I have a few questions:

  1. For the Nest Protect, does Nest push alerts to listing APIs in case of an event or will the event only happen if the alarm is still active after the 3 minute polling interval? Say it is only going off for a minute and it happens in between polls will SmartThings know it happened?

  2. For the Nest Cam Streams, will it allow public but password protected streams? I was hoping that if I had Nest Aware I wouldn’t need to have the stream public, but since it is will it work with the password

  3. Does Nest Weather use Weather Underground to get its data? Is that something that Nest wrote for the API or is it something that was written for the SmartThings Device?


@tonesto7 - I didn’t see upgrade instructions other than the “Applying Updates” section. I wasn’t sure if that was applying updates once you have upgraded or going from 2.5 --> 3.

If you are coming from v2.5 just update the code for the SmartApp and ALL of the device handlers and publish. Then open the manager and press done. Then go back in and review each of your automations.