Does anyone use nest e with furnace heating

I noticed the nest e thermostat is on sale black Friday for 99 dollars & am thinking of buying 1. I have 4 zones but can make it 3 & I only have a furnace with baseboard heating with only 2 wires. The rep from nest said the thermostat can be hooked up to that. I use alexa in the house also. My question is does anyone have a nest with heating only with a 2 wire hook up? I am curious if they are having any issues. I like the ecobee but I dont see it on sale.

I forgot to ask nest if I have more then one thermostat do they all wo3k together as a group?

I do this…

Do u have more then 1 thermostat? No issues with 2 wires only? Can the hub raise or lower the temp based on the room.or window senaor?

I have multiple thermostats.

You have several questions - will they work with your system - the nest information you received from nest should be your guide here.

Can you control them from ST - yes, with NST Manager [RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0 and

What automations can you use - There are a lot of choices with Nest - Alexa, Google home, Smartthings, etc. With Smartthings there are many thermostat SmartApps available, and many automations built-in to NST Manager itself.

Thank you for responding. I spoke to.nest & they said it with my setup. I was asking mainly if u wired the meat with 2 wires only & if you had any issues with it being that way. I know there are a few apps to use and what I forgot to ask neat is if the thwemoatats can work grouped together if there are more then one

Again I use 2 wires. Works fine for me.

Ok thanks, I think I’m gonna take the plunge & get them.