Updates to Google integration

The Google - SmartThings integration has recently been updated.

None of these changes will affect your current setup until you reconnect to the SmartThings action via Google Home app.

Major changes

  • Faster execution of commands
  • All locations, scenes and devices will be synced (excluding scenes with sensitive devices like locks)
  • If you have one location then your devices will automatically be organized the same way in Google as your room structure in SmartThings the first time you link (unless you reconnect and previously organized them then that will be preserved)
  • Blinds, Samsung Washer, Samsung Dryer, Samsung Dishwasher, Samsung AC, Samsung Oven, Samsung Soundbars and Samsung Robot Vacuum are now supported (not all versions of these devices)
  • Old integration could only sync around 100-150 devices but new one has a limit of 300
  • Classic SmartThings routines are no longer supported
  • Logitech harmony activities are now represented as stateful scenes instead of switches.


  • Child devices are currently not supported
  • No longer using the Google Groovy smartapp, hence it will not be visible in SmartThings classic app. In the new SmartThings app you can see that it is installed via Menu/Settings/Connected Services under the headline All locations

Easiest way to switch to the new integration is to click the SmartThings action in Google Home app and select “Reconnect”


sweet, i’ve been waiting to link my new Nest Wifi access point since I had a feeling a new Action was coming :slight_smile: Now I can really explore Google Assistant.

Yikes, now I have duplicate devices in google Home. Oh well, time to remove that connected service.


so…does Google Home have the ability to disable devices like Alexa does?


Not that I could find. Only thing I found was the ability to unlink the account.

grrrrr. -1 internet point to Google Assistant.


Is this currently broken in GH like it is Alexa? (it appears it is)

That would have been annoying as I group by function in SmartThings and by room in Google. However what actually seems to have happened is the already existing devices stayed where they were and the new ones were not assigned to rooms so the usual room assignment page appeared, which of course returned the usual error despite succeeding because the Google Home app still has hopeless caching problems.

Indeed it is. The old app still appears under it’s original location and ‘Uninstall’ from inside the app doesn’t seem to achieve anything, but ‘Delete’ from the list of services does.

yeah same bug unfortunately since it is the device handler.

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Seeing the old Google smartapp in list of smartapps is expected for now, and it can be removed without anything bad happening.

And you are right, if you already have rooms setup nothing should change. The room organization will happen to user who link for the first time.

Yep. ‘Delete’ does the job. However I initially assumed the ‘Uninstall’ option in the app itself would do the same thing. It doesn’t.

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I don’t find a Smartthings action or “Reconnect” in Google Home. All my devices are there but no “Smartthings action” or “Reconnect”

I do see “Uninstall” from inside the app but not sure how to “Delete” from list of services.

This is an essential feature for me! I do not want Google to have full access to all devices in SmartThings. The old integration let me pick and choose what devices were available in Google.


@Lars my locks aren’t coming into GH at all. The Action description says they should, but I don’t see my z-wave door lock anywhere.

Account icon > Assistant Settings > Assistant > Home Control > + > SmartThings > Reconnect Account

Connected Services > (Three dot menu) > Delete

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Got it!..Thanks!

Sorry typo, no locks yet :frowning: Will have it updated

soon™ right? :grin:

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@Lars, +1 for this request. I don’t want neither that the Google Home would have access to all devices in SmartThings. Indeed, I would prefer if I could select the Scenes/Routines/Automations as well.

(I have plenty blinds, mostly I control them together with Scenes, I don’t want to run into situations when I would say turn off the kitchen and it would close the blinds, knowing the logic of that women inside the round thingy.)


We’re also unhappy with this change. We have many devices which shouldn’t sync with Google including virtual switches and devices from brands with direct integrations.

@Lars Is this a permanent change with the new integration, or is it temporary with a future fix planned?