Where is the Google Assistant smartapp for Smartthings?

I deleted the google assistant smart app yesterday because I was having an issue with harmony hub but now I can’t turn on my tv anymore with voice commands. I am guessing it is because I lost the google assistant connection smartapp. Problem is, I can’t find the google assistant smartapp anymore? I know 100% that I had one in my smartapps for Smartthings but I can’t find it anymore. Please help. thanks!

Go into GH app and relink SmartThings

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Thank you!

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What might you recommend now that I’ve relinked smartthings in my gh app, and the google smartapp still did not appear in my smartthings app? I have access to all my smartthings devices in the gh app, but no routines. Also, without the smartapp showing in smartthings I cannot change the allowed devices. Any help is appreciated!

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Same situation here, TIA for any ideas about adding Google to Smartthings Classic SmartApps.

I have Routines in Smartthings that I can’t run via Google Assistant. :frowning: And all this because I had most devices duplicated several times as far as Google was concerned and each time I’d ask it to turn something on or off, it would tell me the three identical devices that it couldn’t control… :stuck_out_tongue:

@andymand, @cambuehl - Bad news for all of you trying to select devices, use Routines or find the SmartApp… The integration has been updated to use the new API, so no Routes from the old platform anymore, only Scenes, no SmartApp as it has been removed from the old Groovy platform, and unfortunately no option to select devices.

Have a long read here:

Thank you for helping me avoid a fruitless search to restore that functionality, @GSzabados. :frowning: Each moment like this I get closer to starting from scratch with Hubitat…

@andymand, They already have the C7 hubs back in stock, as I have seen a few days ago… :wink:

haha – I have an old one I bought a while back and after hours of trying to move a stupid smart switch from ST to Hubitat, I decided I’d stay put for a while, but each thing like this nudges me closer to pulling it out of the box and trying again. I kind of like webCoRE (or however the capitalization goes), so I imagine I’ll get to learn how to do Hubitat code for my dozens of rules… Sigh.

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weCoRE for Hubitat has been optimized significantly for the platform over the last two years. There are some Hubitat users running webCoRE without issues. (Note: I am not one of them, as I never really found the need as there are so many built-in apps to handle most common tasks, as well as Rule Machine.)

Whoa! Great to know, thank you @ogiewon!

Since my spouse sometimes prefers the (Android) app route, I glanced at the Hubitat app and it seems to have some, uh, less than stellar ratings. Any reason to worry or just point my spouse to a (web?) dashboard? :slight_smile: TIA

Also, you all have been super helpful with all of these inquiries of mine; I should have stopped here first instead of Googling for hours, trying to find an answer which would never come and beating myself up over having thought that I could get get rid of phantom devices by disconnecting Google from Smartthings and that it wouldn’t have irreversible negative impact… :frowning: