Google assistant stopped running routines and scenes

Is anyone else experiencing a problem with google assistant running smartthings routines? It just started here today. I can ask to turn on/off individual smartthings devices with no problem but when I try to run a routine (same ones I run every day) I am told there was a problem with no other info. thoughts? maybe unlinked and relink my account?


I have always had problems running then but saying just the name. Try saying ok Google. “Activate routine name”

Yea @Brad_ST @SmartThings my scenes (created in new app) have stopped working in GH. But it can still can control devices

First noticed around 10 PM GMT on the 19th

Google assistant can’t activate my SmartThings scenes all of a sudden. I get a message that an unknown error occured. It can still control my lights.

The same here. Multiple topics popped up with similar comments.

It is affecting routines and scenes, but not individual device control or sensor readings.

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I am having the same issue. Google support are trying to help but don’t understand the issue as they clearly don’t use SmartThings !

And there is old app scenes and routines AND new app scenes!

@mark_cockcroft, I’ve just sent an email to support. My ticket number 856645. Please feel free to do the same and reference my ticket.

I have placed a link to this topic to my email.

Did you contact ST support or google?

ST support.

any joy from them? i have now spent an hour with google to no avail

has anyone changed router settings? google are suggesting this is the problem

are we all using linksys velop mesh routers?

No changes at my end and using a sky router

Emailed and .com [SmartThings Support] Support request #856671: Scenes and routines non operational

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BS, if the individual device control works why would a router setting change anything when the integration is cloud based.

No reply yet from ST support.

Same thing here. Google Home reports an error any time I try to activate a ST routine since yesterday evening at least. Everything else works though.

I know. After 90 mins of customer support call waiting and delays this was the suggestion. I struggled not to lose my sh1t

I can’t help but notice that my hub shows as Online since 12/18/2019, suggesting it applied a Firmware update and restarted sometime on that day, which is right around the time where this stopped working. And now it’s being really flaky about talking to any of my Z-Wave devices. I wonder if Samsung screwed up their software again?

Edit: nevermind, the IDE shows the last boot time (and last update) as being on the 9th.

I’m having the same issue. Google can’t run any of my routines. Started yesterday.

Yes. Same thing here. When I try to execute a routine it replies with “an error has been found” and the name of the routine. Everything was working nice until yesterday.

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