Any suggestions on a button for smart life app?

With Smart Things no longer working with Smart Life, through IFTTT, I have a big problem. My devices are about 50/50 through both platforms and I’m no longer able to use my SmartThings buttons to control all of my mixed “scenes”. My question is, are there any comparable buttons to control the Smart Life devices, alongside my SmartThings buttons? I realize I’d be running two buttons, but I’d much rather do that in areas like the backyard where I would be running half of the devices on one and the other half on the other. I really hate the idea of having to do everything from the phone. Why couldn’t they just leave it be!? Smart Life really messed up all my scenes/modes, but I’m already pretty invested in the switches compatible with that particular app. Bottom line, I need a “button” compatible with that app. Please help!

Do you have an Alexa device? You could use a SmartThings button to control a virtual switch/sensor that can be seen in Alexa to then trigger a routine to control your Smart Life devices.

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I don’t, but is there a way to use google assistant as a “bridge” between the two apps? Kind of in place of IFTTT?

I don’t have a Google Assistant to be able to comment further, but maybe someone else can chime in. You may want to look at this thread:

I appreciate it very much! Thank you!