Google Home and ST in different VLANs - Is the integration cloud based?

I recently segregated my network, created a VLAN for all my IoT devices and Im just at the point of about to move devices over to that VLAN and start migrating them off my SmartThinks Link hub (Nvidia Shield TV) to the physical v2 hub I just got delivered.

Before I go down this track (which I just learnt is manual and laborious due to having to exclude/include all zwave devices), I need to know if I have all my Google Homes on my trusted lan (think hassle free casting) will the ST integration to Google still work once the v2 hub is in its own VLAN? If all of the communication is cloud based, which I assume it is, I don’t see why it shouldn’t. Looking at the smart app for Google home in ST, there is no indication either way so I thought I’d ask you experts here to clear this up for me!


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Great question! I am looking at doing this same process so anyone that can give advice please do so it will be welcomed

The Goole Home integration is fully cloud based. You can use your phone to control devices through the Google Home app, if you think of it. Don’t worry. Cloud-to-cloud it is.
But be warned that the integration has been updated recently and you cannot select devices anymore and all devices and locations will be synced to the Google Home app.

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Thanks for this. I just setup my new v3 hub in its own VLAN and excluded moved the first device to it. All is working well with the GHs in my trusted VLAN controlling it via voice! Now starts the fun of moving all the other 100+ devices over and rebuilding all my pisons in WebCore!