Updates to Google integration

yeah, it especially sucks for GH since they don’t have a disable feature or even a way to delete individual devices that i’ve seen.


+1 That don’t like this new integration. Will it be possible in the future to pick what we want integrated in Google?


Nice to have native blinds control

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I must admit it’s good to see more work with Google Assistant and better intigration but not having the ability to choose which devices Google has access to is a major downfall


I reconnected my account and now only 3 scenes are showing in GH. A scene I was using with GH before is gone. No matter what I do (relink, disconnect-reconnect, edit scene , add scene) only those 3 same scenes appear in GH. Is there a limit on the number of scene in this new integration?

I hope the blinds integration is going to help with my wife factor.

I need this after the nursery lights turned 100% brightness after we finally got our 6 month old to sleep.

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This does not work for me and my ST / Google integration is broken :frowning:

Before starting this, I have had about 2 days of Google telling me it “Couldn’t connect to Smart things”

I hunted around and found this forum thread. Upon attempting to reconnect via the Google Home app, I see a series of messages (after auth) that end with “couldn’t update the setting. Check your connection”

Any ideas?? I’m using the ST classic app on current Android.

You need to use the new app for this integration.

I think you just need a Samsung login? The Action is added from the GH app and there isn’t anything you can manage from the SmartThings side anymore.

Hi Lars,

Lot of changes, some good and some not.
Good: :grin:
Room structure
Faster exec
Bad: :neutral_face:
Agree with users that they don’t want to let GH control everything.
Child devices and virtual devices not available (when do you think it will be synced again?) I have a some
We can’t see any logs now

Thanks for your work


Sorry about the lack of child devices on launch, but I am curious, what virtual devices do not work? We do a lot of testing using simulated devices.

You dont really need to use new app, you just wont be able to see that you have integration linked in classic.

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Scenes containing sensitive devices like locks are excluded on partners request. Do you have locks in your scenes? Otherwise it should work fine, let me know.

Is it possible to pick what to appear in Google integration? I don’t want to be shown virtual devices and others I don’t have a use in Google, we should be able to chose what we want integrated.


Not anymore, no.

Hi @Lars,

All locations, scenes and devices will be synced

This causes me a problem as my Philips Hue bulbs are integrated with SmartThings and also with Google Assistant directly, so they now show up twice. I suspect that is common for many people here.

Also I have other devices that I do not want to share with Google Assistant. Previously I could choose which devices to share. Will this feature be coming back? Timescale?



Exactly the same issue here, I have had to disconnect Hue from Google home to prevent doubling up.

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And my Evo Home thermostats
And my Neato vacuums

Yeah this is a regression as it stands. I have my Ecobee and Hue natively linked through the Google home and have a ton of duplicates now.

I made the mistake of removing the Groovy integration from the ST app and now I can’t seem to find a way to get it back. I poked around Classic and can’t seem to find a way to add the integration. Is there a way to get the Groovy integration back until / if they add the capability to limit the devices in the updated integration?

For those with duplicate devices, you can create a fake home in assistant and move those duplicates there for now. I’ve done that in the past when Google would fail to forget devices I had integrated with other companies. The devices in the fake home never caused me a problem and no longer trigger my OCD of seeing the multiple devices when opening the Home app.
Not perfect, but is a work around for now.