Smartthings Pushing All Devices to Google Assistant

A few weeks ago I went to add a new device to ST but despite my settings of only allowing certain devices to go over to Google Assistant, the device came over any way. I double checked everything and it was all set up correctly. There was a new Google Assistant integration for all locations and the existing one that showed my settings to not allow good to access all device, only the ones I choose. I tried removing and re adding the integration but now I don’t even get the option to not allow all devices. Anyone have a fix for this? It’s a huge problem in my setup.

Unrelated, but additionally, when I click on an Smartthings brand Button or sensor in the app it prompts me to download additional files, then failed immediately. I cannot even manage these devices since it won’t download the file.

Android 10
ST Version 1.7.47-22

Unfortunately, changes were made to both the Google and Alexa integrations A few weeks ago which no longer allow you to individually approve devices from the smartthings side. :disappointed_relieved:

See discussion in the following thread.

Updates to Google integration


Thanks for the info JD

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