Google Home Integration No Longer allows you select what devices to share?

I had to disconnect Smartthing from Google b/c I had created some new automations and was not getting Google to sync. Whatever, it happens, unlinking account and re-linking usually fixes these things. After I unlinked Smartthings and re-linked, I did what I have always done in this case so that Hue, WeMo, Rachio don’t show up twice, I went to the SmartThings app -> connected services -> and when I click on Google I no longer have the ability to deselect what devices to share? I can only Delete account? WTF?
Does anyone have a good workaround for this? B/c I am not keeping SmartThings If I have 20 things doubled up in Google Home. It’s made a nightmare of my routines now.

Look at the posts (by @prjct92eh2) about moving devices to a new fake home in Google.

Otherwise Routines are not shared anymore, only Scenes. Automations would not be shared as they only the trigger rule configs for Scenes or singles devices.

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1-Thank you for the super fast reply. I had done only a quick search for the issue via post headlines, didn’t occur that the workaround would be found deep within. And I knew an update happened but didn’t realize that it would ONLY happen to me when I reconnected. 2- I meant scenes not automations…it’s just the automations word clicks in my head better on what it’s doing for me so I still use that terminology. But it is wrong to post in these forums using the improper term and I know better.

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No worries. I am happy that you found your solution there. We are hoping for an update to be able to select devices.
Just a note, if your Scenes contain a security devices, like locks, they they are excluded from Google Home.