Google Home duplicated all my devices?

This is really a Google issue I think and not ST but maybe someone knows the answer. (** Currently I only have WiFi devices, waiting on some Z wave stuff to connect later) OK received my hub today! Plugged the sucker in, downloaded the app, signed in (using Google) connected ST to my TP Link KASA account BOOM found everything. NO ISSUES. Open up Google Home app and on top there is a notification to connect ST to Google, did that. Once it connected (GOOGLE) it showed all my bulbs and plugs but they were not in any rooms, All my items were assigned rooms previously. HUH I think…so like a good drone I dutifully add them (back) into the correct rooms. Go look at the rooms now everything is doubled, names and all! , which I thought was not possible! 2 lights became 4, etc. What gives? I really just wanted to delete the extra stuff but thought I would ask first in an attempt to not deepen any issue I may or may not have. TIA!


This happened to me as I had connected smartthings to google with two different smartthings authors users. Removing them fixed the issue.

If you have added the devices from another source (not ST) as well to Google Home then you will see duplicate devices. The Google Integration just has been updated recently. Have a read what you can do with duplicate devices.

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