Google assistant stopped running routines and scenes

Same email as I received 30 minutes ago, how peculiar…

Thanks for reaching out!

Please accept my apologies on the delay in responding to you. We’ve had a sudden burst of incoming queries and have been working tirelessly to get through them as quickly and efficiently as possible through this busy period.

As it has been some time since you sent your email in, can you confirm if you’re still having trouble? If you are, not to worry, I’ll be more than happy to lend a hand.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas until then. santa|20pxx20px christmas_tree|20pxx20px

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Still nothing… :rofl:

Got cramp copying and pasting! Or it was getting near finishing time for the day. Two emails a day must be uk support limit !
Has anyone ever found a uk support phone number?

I wrote over a week ago on a different subject actually, but the same person responded. Not sure what they can help with at 5 o’clock on a Christmas Eve? I feel for them, they have a difficult job, and Samsung isn’t helping them, can you imagine what would happen if they pulled the plug on the Classic app and just left the new app for their customers to beta test for them, it would take two months to get a response!

I have talked with a few people by email, 3-4. No option to call them by phone, but if you are lucky, you can chat with them.
Samsung should hire a few more people to do this support. Many of us here has far better first hand experience and problem solving skills.
It wasn’t about Christmas Eve, it is about that support goes offline at Friday afternoon in the UK. It runs on normal business hours only. And a genuine issue hasn’t been caught on the spot when multiple people were reporting it.

Finally I have received an answer today. :slight_smile:

You can select individual devices in the new SmartThings app as well. In some cases I would like to have multiple instances of the same devices in the GH app because it can be good for creating rooms for voice control (so far I’ve been able to create a workaround using the Trendsetter SmartApp although if SmartThings would allow sharing of the lighting groups in the new app that would be great and would solve a lot of problems.

I only have a few scenes that I’ve created in the new SmartThings App although from what I can tell there isn’t a way to setup routines however they do have a rough IFTTT (Automation) engine that looks interesting.

If you want to go with doubled devices then you need to consider that the Assistant will control both of them or ask you which one of them do you want to control. It can be a pain when the GH is not listening or doesn’t understand what you want.
But you can rename the devices in the GH app. You can give them Nicknames. Then you can separate them and you can add them to different rooms. Just remember how you called it in room A and how it in room B.
There are so called Routines in the GH app where you can add things in a queue and when you trigger it with the GH it will do them.
It is not the ST Routines. You can add the ST Routines to the GH too and call them with the “activate Good Night” or what ever Routines name you used. You can use nicknames for these Routines too in the GH app.

And of course there are no more Routines in the new ST App they are replaced by the new Scenes, but they more like the Routines where in the Classic. These Scenes turns to be Automations when you define the rules for them when to trigger. You can define a Good Night scene to turn off the lights and adjust the temperature in the house and as an Automation you can set it up to run every day at 1 AM, but you can meanwhile activate it from the GH by saying “activate Good Night”.
By the way, the Routines in the GH allows the setup of different phrases, so if you want you can say “active Good Night” or just set up as “Good Night”, or “Abracadabra”…

I understand.

the way I have my house setup I have rooms setup such as the Kitchen/Family Room, Upstairs, Hallway. Etc… however while I would like to be able to control those rooms individually I also find it worth while to combine these and other lights in the area into a single room such as a Main Floor which allows them to be turned on/off as a lighting group.

the same could be done for outdoor lights in that sometimes it is useful to turn off the lights in certain parts of the outside as smaller groups (that make sense, such as driveway, front porch, or backyard) however it would also be nice to have a single room called Outisde that allows me to verbally turn on and off all of the outdoor lights.

I honestly don’t have a whole lot of verbal scenes or routines that I use and prefer that routines and scene changes occur organically automatically based on people coming and going, times of the day, activity, etc.

Obviously there are exceptions (I do have GH routines that simplify the commands to open and close my blinds.)

I could not find any other thread with my issue but found this to be the closest.

For me, I started using new app (STSC) around November last year, and slowly migrating my stuff, like automations, scenes etc. to the new app. Then I found out, Google Assistant first appeared with duplicated scenes, like one created in classic app, and new one in the new app:
[SCENES] Good Night
Good Night

And then 2 days later, I found in Google Home app that old scenes created by classic app disappeared, only with ones in the new app.

This was where my problem started. For me, using Android, I could use and control with the scenes without any problems, although I had to reassign them to my Google Assistant routines. But for my wife’s iPhone, scenes were not appearing in her Google Home app. Basically she’s not able to assign scenes to her routines because the “Adjust scenes” option in her routines were greyed out.

Is this an issue created by the new app or is it created by the last update? I third to disable and reenable scenes available to Google Assistant in SmartThings app (both classic and new), sync devices on Google side, tired creating new classic app routine, all to no avail.

Please help!

I’m on 30.3 firmware, latest, and I still have this issue, with Google Assistant not working with scenes or routines, but otherwise working fine. The unlink doesn’t work either - says unlink successful but still linked.

I ended up unlinking and linking back, which got the scenes to work, but routines are now completely hosed. GA simply doesn’t understand them. I installed the new application (which doesn’t transfer routines over - is this a bug?) and created an automation there, and GA doesn’t pick that up either. Support seems clueless. Anyone have any idea how I can fix this?

Right, that says nothing about whether the routines are supported though. I want to make sure people can still trigger them .

The new standard now, no routines anymore. The Classic app has removed Routines for new users. It is part of the migration to the new app.

Rebuild your Routines as Scenes in the new app. If you want them to run automatically, define an Automation to run the Scene.

That explains it - thank you for the clarification!

I updated original posted, my apologies for the confusion. Please also note that scenes containing locks or other sensitive devices will not be synced.

@Lars, what qualifies as a sensitive device?

@GSzabados, a device that gets offended if you don’t use it for a few days.

  • Cameras
  • Cooking appliances
  • Door locks
  • Garage doors
  • Security sensors
  • Security systems