Issues with Google Home and duplicate devices

Just wondering what the proper way is to connect to Google home. I already have Philips Hue connected directly to home, my Honeywell thermostat is already directly connected, nanoleaf, sprinkler, sonos etc. I have all of these devices also connected to SmartThings and mainly use ST for Z-Wave lighting and so on.

The problem I’m having is when you connect SmartThings to Google home it adds all of these devices again, so now I have two thermostats showing, 2 sprinklers, double the hue lights, Sonos, etc.

Isthere no way to only select a few devices from SmartThings to show up in Google home? Can’t seem to figure this out as whenever I link the account the only thing it asks is to pick the name of the hub and then it adds every single device.

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Instead of setting the google home integration to allow google assistant to access all devices, routines and scenes… turn it off. Then select the devices you want to sync but do not select the hue lights.

Thanks that seemed to work but I’m still having 2 issues.

  1. My Yale Z-Wave door locks won’t appear in the Home app for some reason. When I had it set to allow all devices they showed up only as contact sensors for some reason and not door locks

  2. Bigger issue is I have 3 homes with ST at each and Google Home Hubs at each. When I just added ST to Google Home it asked me to pick the location so I picked my house. I then went into ST and picked the devices I want to show up like your instructions show. But how do I now add other ST hubs to my other homes? If I select my other home in the Google Home app and click add a device, it says ST is already set up, so clicking it only gives me the option to Unlink Account?

Unfortunately, you can not use locks on ST with GH.

Which SmartThings devices work with Google Assistant?

Google Assistant can control light bulbs, plugs, on/off switches, dimmers, thermostats, and compatible models of Samsung TV found on our Works with SmartThings page or in the SmartThings app catalog.

Google Assistant can also queue contact sensors and temperature sensors for their current state. For example, if you have a contact sensor or a temperature sensor on your front door, you can ask Google if the front door is open or what the temperature is.

GH will only connect to one ST Location. So if you have three hubs on separate locations then you are out-of-luck. :frowning:

Hi, I don’t have "Allow Google Assistant to access all devices, Scenes and Routines.” toggle available in the SmartThings app. Do you have any other workaround? Thanks in advance!

Things have recently changed with the new google assistant integration. Visit the following thread for details and post any questions there.

Thanks for sharing the update!

Actually the new integration supports multiple locations. If you click “SmartThings” in Google Home app and select “Reconnect” that should move you to the new integration which will get you all your devices from all three locations. However, keep in mind that the new integration does not allow you to pick what devices you want to sync, it is all or nothing .

That was an older post. Thus why I pointed the user to the other thread. :slight_smile: