[OBSOLETE] ADT Tools 2 for Smartthings ADT alarm sytsems

ADT Tools has had turned into a very useful tool for many. It had some growing pains though, and some of which came in complexity with setup. Here is ADT Tools 2. Much of it’s setup has been update to simplify and hopefully streamline the process. The features for the most part remain the same and are listed below

What will this smart app do

  1. Custom messages when ADT alarm changes between Disarmed, Armed/Stay, and Armed/Away
  2. Respond to ADT Alarm triggered events based on individual ADT sensors
  3. Flash, turn on lights, or both based on a ADT Sensor Triggered alarm event
  4. Flashing lights and lights that simply turn on are configured separately to allow for more customization
  5. Turn on external sirens/Strobes
  6. Parent ADT Tools app allow as many instances of the child apps as you need for full customizability
  7. Turns off siren/strobe when ADT alarm is cleared.
  8. Create ADT buttons to enable mode changes. This enables other routines/smartapps to interact with the Alarm like Action Tiles.
  9. Allow configuration of Alert actions to be triggered by motion and contact sensors when alarm is set and in certain modes.

This is a completely new version.There is no upgrade path. with that said you can run them together if you so choose.

You can get the app from my git repository at
Owner: Mavrrick
Repository: ADT-Tools-2

Then download retrieve and publish ADT Tools 2
Then download and retrieve it’s child apps. They do not need to be published. Just in your list on the IDE

  1. ADT Alert Action
  2. ADT Home-Life Alert Action

Lastly download and publish the “ADT Tools Button” device type handler

or by going to ADT Tools at Smartthings by Mavrrick

One thing about this app is that i am trying not to duplicate functionality that is already present in the official ADT app.

Things to remember when using this smart app

  1. I don’t know what will happen if you try to use SHM with it and it has other alarm states kicking off. So if you do have SHM running please use with care. I don’t think it should cause a problem based on some code I have in it, but please be careful.
  2. Keep in mind that depending on what child app you use the sensors are either ADT centric or not.
  3. When using any of the Alert Apps other then then new Alert Any Sensor app the app does not actually monitor sensors or devices but for activity from the ADT system. So keep that in mind if you are looking for something to be done with. It has to be triggered from the ADT part of the system. The ADT Alert Any Sensor app is monitoring the sensor and will create actions based on the alarm state but doesn’t send any notification to ADT.
  4. If you need different alarms to happen you can do that by setting up more instances of monitoring in the app. You can install the different types of tools multiple times.

Many thanks! I’ve accomplished some of these features through cobbled together WebCoRE pistons. This app is a welcomed tool for the ADT users.


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Please let me know how it goes once you set it up. I am open to suggestions as well as I know there is room for improvement.


There have been a few changes with this app since i first posted it hear. One of the big ones was a correction for a bug that was found that would prevent actions if all of the sensor didn’t have something setup.

Please update your install with the most recent version from the repo. It uses 5 child apps to enable the monitoring of the ADT sensor you have and should be more reliable for alarm events.

The legacy version of the app is also still available under the “ADT Tools oneapp” name. It will still have the bug though related to alert actions not working if all sensor types aren’t configured.

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Another update to the apps have been posted. Now you can configure each alert to either turn on lights, flash lights, both, or none at all.

Added another child app today. It will allow users to manipulate the the alarm mode if they choose.

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@Mavrrick58 How do I add new Virtual Buttons for Disarm, Armed/Stay, Armed/Away? I’m not sure if I’m missing something. Also can these “Virtual Buttons” be added to Action Tiles? Everything else seems to be working great though!

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They need to momentary button tile devices, and yes they will appear in action tiles.

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Thanks! Got it going!

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What would this accomplish?

The momentary buttons are used by the “ADT Mode Change” child app. Once that app has the appropriate mode assigned to a button you can select that button and change your alarm state. Momentary buttons are also usable by applications like Action Tiles so you can then enable change from external apps or automations.

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After identifying a slight issue/bug with the ADT Mode Change child app my possible solution sent me down a potential use case for some users. Basically I nave a new child app that will allow users to enable their NON ADT Sensors to use the Alarm status and provide much of the same ability as the ADT Sensor. The biggest problem is that they will stil not trigger any notification to ADT. They would essentially enable yout o have a self Monitored alarm system. This is in it’s early stages but i think it is mostely functional. if anyone would be up for testing it please let me know and i will get it on git hub ASAP.


I just commited the new childapp for non ADT named sensors to be able to trigger unmonitored alarm events. It is called ADT Alert Any Sensor when you load the app from the repo.

Just keep in mind all this does is use the status of the ADT Alarm to determien of something should happen. You still need non ADT equipment to do the action. ie siren, lights, ect.

does this by any chance allow you to remotely change alarm codes?

I suspect you mean the code one puts in to disarm at the Panel.

If i am right on what you are asking, the answer is unfortunately no. The only place those codes are kept from what I can tell is in the ADT Smart Panel and on the setup of ADT side of the system.

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I have updated the ADT Mode Change Child App and the ADT Alert Any Sensor child app. This most recent update will enable the ability to keep the location alarm state in sync with the ADT Alarm Panel. Once that is in sync it you will have the ability to have a exit delay for the ADT Alert Any Sensor child app. This will keep you from having false alarms when it is armed and you need some time to leave the home

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I just committed a Device handler to the repo. This new device handler would replace the Momentary tile that is suggested for ADT Mode change. This device handler is simply a simulated button that allows for functionality from the new Smartthings App(id Connect). Now you can use the present from the connect app with a bit more flexiability.

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I still not be able to have the “momentary buttons” to select in ADT Mode change. ADT button Tile is already installed in Device handlers. Not sure how to get it though, I would appreciate for a detail instruction. Thank you

Now that you have the device handler loaded. You just need to create the virtual device.

Go to the device section in the IDE. Click on the button to create device. Populate the required fields. Specify the device handler you loaded for device type and click on ok. You should then have a button for use with the app.

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I too want to be able to add that into the Goodnight automation as well as trying it out with the SmartThings physical button. I only added the mode change src file. Is that the only one I need to do these types of actions?