Can I add a 2nd ADT Panel

Is it possible to add a 2nd ADT panel as secondary to the primary ST/ADT panel? Would like one for the master bedroom and one near the entrances. Thank you.

Edit: Also open to having a simple keypad near entrances that allows for arm/disarm functions.


I found an answer below; however, if that has changed recently, I would be interested to hear!


Any update on the additional keypads for the ST/ADT hub?

*Iris by Lowes refugee.

Omg it’s nice to see I’m not the only one here, iris was first and foremost my alarm system, Does anyone know if we can some how connect the second gen keypads to the system. HELP

You can connect 2nd gen Iris keypads to the system (or any other zigbee/zwave keypads for that matter). To get these to interact with the ADT hub for the purposes of arming and disarming the system, I believe you’ll need to use something like the ADT Tools 2 smartapp, found here:

You’ll also need a DTH for the keypad you want to use.

Please note, when set up this way the keypads will be cloud dependent, which means they won’t be able to arm/disarm the system if you’ve lost internet or if the ST cloud is down.

Another popular option is a spare tablet or smartphone running something like ActionTiles or another dashboard mounted to the wall or in a stand in a convenient location. This can be used like a keypad, and integrated with the ADT hub the same way. The benefit is that it allows for viewing and control of much more than just arming/disarming the system.

Can I ask what’s a DTH is?

Also what’s is a Action Tile?

This is something that can be done without ADT Tools 2 actually. I have a fork of a app called Lock Manager that will allow the keypads to arm and disarm the alarm. Take a look at ADT Tools 2 on the fork is listed there along with the original thread for support from the original developer.

This covers both the terminology and the basic process. (The topic title is a clickable link)

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Actiontiles is a service that allows you to use a web interface for to display and act on items in Smartthings. It is a really nice tool to have to allow you allot more flexibility with creating custom menu options.

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Actually you will need ADT Tools for lock manager. Lock manager will use a routine to trigger the buttons ADT Tools will use for the mode change integration

ActionTiles is a very popular dashboard third-party app. You can customize it so only specific devices display. It runs in pretty much any browser, so people use an inexpensive android tablet or even a cheap phone ( with Wi-Fi, but without a contract) if they want a wall display. There’s a free trial so you can see if you like it. After that you pay about $30 for a license for one hub (but as many tablets or devices as you want)

IMG_1038 IMG_1242 image



Device type handler, device handler, or device type. It’s a small bit of code that tells SmartThings how to communicate with a specific type of connected hardware. Officially integrated devices all use stock DTH’s that are built into the ST platform. Some devices require installing a custom DTH to work with SmartThings, or to expose functionality missing from the stock DTH.

More info can be found in this FAQ:

ActionTiles is a customizable dashboard program that allows you to view and control your SmartThings devices from any browser. There are several of these dashboard programs available, ActionTiles is just one of the more popular ones.

More info on ActionTiles can be found here:

You can also search the forum for “dashboard” to see some other dashboard options and ideas.

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Please excuse my ignorance but all of this is Greek to me. Could someone please give me a play by play of how to make the 2nd Gen Iris keypads function with the ST/ADT hub? All these things that are downloaded and published isn’t quite making sense. The more I read the more confused I get. Imagine you’re explaining this to your 90 year old grandma. Baby steps. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of all of this eventually.