Does ActionTiles work with the ADT/SmartThings Hub?

I have an adt smartthings panel and recently installed action tiles to add new panels throughout my house. Everything other then the shm functions seems to be working. The current alarm state isn’t updating to actiontiles nor can I arm or disarm the alarm from actiontiles. I’m currently running the classic smartthings app. I’ve tried uninstalling actiontiles from the smart apps and re installed it but the problem persists. I’m not sure what I’m overlooking. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!

There are several, including some of the company employees, but they have their own help forum so I would suggest trying there first. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the reply. I’ll reach out to them!


Be sure to take note that ADT Armed State and Smart Home Monitor Armed State are entirely distinct functions.

ActionTiles is compatible with the latter (and Classic version only…). SmartThings has not published any other APIs.

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OK, let’s try a different direction. Maybe @Mavrrick58 knows a workaround.



Ok so as @tgauchat stated action tiles doesn’t directly support ADT Smartthings panel status. They also dont officially support changing the mode. The ADT Tools 2 smartapp can provide a way to do it though when used with Action Tiles. This is how you would make it work.

First you would need to have atleast had at Smart Home monitor installed at some point. This can be a problem with the ADT smartthings panel as once the panel is added as a hub on your location, your options to install SHM is removed. The best work around is to create the location in Smartthings without a hub, install SHM to it, and then add the smartthings panel as your hub to that location. If you do this it is also a good time to install any of the default published smartapps as many are removed once the ADT Smartthings hub is added.

The reason installing SHM is important is because it creates a alarm status value on the location in smartthings. This is what ADT Tools will use as a middle man between Action tiles and Smartthings. You don’t have to keep SHM installed though, you just need that value added, so feel free to uninstall it immediately.

Now you would install and setup ADT Tools 2. The important parts for it will be to create the virtual buttons, setup the option to change modes and keep the location alarm state in sync with ADT Alarm Mode. The release thread for it has more details on setup and fell free to ask me for help if you get stuck.

Once ADT Tools is configure we just need to enable the buttons used by it in action tiles and setup the SHM tile. The buttons should be as simple as just exposing them to action tiles and then putting them on a panel. Make sure you put security on the disarm button. The SHM tile has to be updated a little bit when added. First add it make it read only. You will not use it for mode changes. Then simply rename it to ADT instead of SHM. At this point you will have a tile that tells you the status, and a tile for each button.

I have had this running this way a long time. It isn’t official by any stretch, but it works

Another option if you want panel control at remote locations is to use a keypad device like the Lowes Iris keypad with lock manager.


Thank you for all your help and taking the time to reply. I added a new location in smarthings without a hub and added SHM to it, but i cannot seem to figure out how to switch the hub from its current location to the new one i created. Do i have to delete my current location setup or open a new smarthings account and add it that way?

You need to remove the hub from the other location and likely reset it. Keep in mind this requires everything to be completely reset including every sensor. You may want to look through all your devices and make sure you know how to do it first.

I would delete the new location. Simply remove your hub from smartthings and them reset the hub. Once that is done you should be able to install the software and then add ot back.

You shouldn’t have to reset anything just to move to a new location. Or are you saying they will have to reset in order to be able to use your code?

Here are the instructions for the new app:

And the community FAQ on the duplicate location:

The point is to get SHM loaded so they Alarm state is created on the Location in Smartthings. This is really the first time i have tried to address this particular situation myself, but that is was explained to me by another user. The above info you provided is very interesting.

If the option to merge works then that is probably the easiest option to do. Try that and see what happens… I think i tried that before and it didn’t work for me, but it is very possible that was a while ago and things have changed.

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Hi mavrrick58, I was finally able to get SHM and you ADT Tools to load on the smartthings App! I still can’t figure out how to get the alarm state to synchronize between the two. Do you have any write ups on what setting need to be changed to accomplish this? Thanks in advance.

Well I guess my first question is do you have ADT Tools setup. Do you have The virtual buttons created? Have you assigned them to the appropriate action in the "ADT Smartthings Alarm Mode change integration"setup screen? Just below where the buttons are assigned you have two options that control if ADT Tools submits the changes to SHM and when. Do you have the switch to “maintain Location cloud alarm state” turned on and do you have a reasonable delay time set? Generally that should be something like 45 or 60 seconds. Less if you don’t need much of a exit delay for non ADT Dual branded sensors.

It is really only the switch for the Location cloud alarm state and the timer that need to be set. The buttons are just needed to use Action tiles to trigger the changes to alarm state.

Just remember that there is a delay for SHM to activate after the ADT Alarm Panel arms. That delay is determined by the value you specify.

It is also only one way. If you change SHM directly it won’t go back to the ADT Panel. That is by design in ADT Tools. If you want that function there are ways to enable it in smartthings using the buttons that interact with the Alarm mode change functions in ADT Tools


So the more I am dealing with this specific question the more i am question my use of the SHM Status as a indicator for non ADT Sensors. It’s use came from a desire to help it work with Action tiles and create a kind of exit delay. Are you aware of a device type that can be virtualized in Smartthings and that can have multiple states in Action tiles. This may be a good option for an enhancement in my next big release.

The only device types we can consider are those that are listed in the official Capabilities reference. Let me know if any of them seem applicable.

The frustration here? The ADT Panel actually claims and implements undocumented Capability "Security System. That would be the most appropriate capability for us to base a Tile upon. But, alas, it is not a published Capability.

Somewhere along the line, SmartThings decided to keep secrets.

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I suppose I Should of been more specific. I was able to get SHM to reflect ADT Panel changes but like you said its only one way. Ultimately I wanted ADT alarm control on Actiontiles so i can have multiple panels on different floors. How do I Enable Alarm Mode change functions in ADT Tools? In ADT Alarm Mode Change Integration the buttons for each mode are grey and state I currently can’t add this. Do i need to create virtual buttons first in ide?


If you open up ADT Tools and scroll down you should see a noption for “Optional setup steps”. Open that up and you will see the option to have ADT Tools create you virtual buttons. Tap it to activate it and click save in the upper right corner twice. It should save fine and you should have 3 new things created. Immediately go back into ADT Tools and turn that switch off.

At this point you should be able to go into the Mode change options and select those buttons. Once that is done you should be able to use those buttons with action tiles.

If you get an error when trying to create the buttons you likely don’t have the Device handler in your ide and published. You may need to do that.

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Yep. We have talked about that before to. I totally get were you are coming from about not supporting things that aren’t officially published.

There are possible ways to do it with out that capability, but they aren’t pretty and require the user to select the panel instead of you doing it pragmatically. You can select the panel with the battery capability. Samsung is really screwing this up for third parties like action tiles, and i am glad i can provide a kind of work around.

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I hate to be a pain in the a$$ Mavrrick but no dice! I Keep getting the Error message on the second save for some reason. Adt tools 2 is published in the ide under device handlers.

The below image is how it shows in my IDE. This is what is in the Device handler screen.

If this doesn’t help you identify where the issue is can you click on live logging and generate the error and then capture the output and send it to me. The app to look at where the error would generate is the main ADT Tools 2 app.