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Unable to recognize the ADT SmartThings Hub via 3rd party application

I’m working on an mobile application that scans for connected SmartThings devices. We are able to see some SmartThings devices, but not all of them. For example, we’d like to arm/disarm the ADT hub/device shown here, but am unable to see the device while scanning. We also tried pairing the ADT SmartThings Remote to the Hub, but after pairing we couldn’t see that either.

Has anyone had any luck recognizing this device/hub as well as being able to disarm/arm from a 3rd party application? We found a piece of software that may help [Released] ADT Tools 2 for Smartthings ADT alarm sytsems, but am not 100% sure if this will work.

Any direction would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Why are you scanning the wifi network instead of using the groovy or new smartthings api platform.


Hi Mavrrick58,

Thank you for your quick response. We’re looking for the best way to accomplish arming and disarming the ADT alarm. We’re having trouble finding documentation on it, but found that your Tool 2 code looks to have this capability. Silly question, but where did you happen to find the documentation on how to do this exactly?

We’re considering to build a SmartApp to assist us with such functionality at this point.

Thank you again

I’d honestly be astonished if you could accomplish this. It would be a huge security flaw for the ADT part of the system.


ADT Tools functions from within the Smartthings platform. So it wont help you at all if you want an app that doesnt function from there and frankly as you said ADT Tools already does it.


Neither SmartThings nor ADT have exposed an API for arming & disarming the ADT Alarm portion of the ADT SmartThing Security Hub.


Thank you everyone for the prompt responses.

Does anyone here have a Samsung contact that could possible assist with a business partnership discussion to see if such API’s can be exposed?

Try the Technical Support messaging channel on the new Samsung SmartThings Developer site.

Good-luck. I really don’t think you’ll get any positive response. The relationship SmartThings has with ADT is likely very tightly controlled, restrictive, and intertwined with particular business strategies.