Synchronize ADT Hub Alarm States and Smart Home Monitor?

(Michael Golebiewski) #1

So I have the ADT hub and sensors as well as some other devices. Mostly things are working well. However, to really make things work right when I arm the alarm on the ADT hub I also want to set the alarm state on smart home monitor to the same state. This seems to be a common need as smart home monitor is required to do things like triggering camera from a motion sensor when the alarm is armed. I cannot do this with the ADT alarm states.

Is there something I am missing that would allow me to arm smart home monitor when adt is armed? Note I always want the ADT panel to be the master to arm/disarm and only need the smart home alarm state to match so that I can set rules like camera triggering.

(Jimmy) #2

Check this smart app out. It adds a lot of the Smart Home Monitor functions to the ADT armed state

(Mavrrick) #3

I am also open to suggestings for new functions if there is something I can add to ADT Tools to make it more useful.

More information about the app Things That are Smart - ADT Tools

(Mavrrick) #4

Something to consider as well is every sign points to them not wanting SHM on the ADT panel. I know some have it, but I suspect they had it installed on their location and swapped the hub to use the ADT panel.

I had it initially because I was experimenting with SHM on a nvidia shield smartthings link. When I added the ADT panel it was still there. At some point I did a reset to clean up some stuff and my smart app list changed and SHM was gone as an option.

(Mavrrick) #5

Not sure if this is still a need but i am working on something that will fill this request. Just keep an eye on the ADT Tools release thread and I should have it out soon.

(Mavrrick) #6

I have just published 2 updated child apps that will enable syncronization to be maintained between the alarm state of the Location(ie SHM) and the ADT Panel. It also creates a delay for chaging the location alarm status for a kind of exit delay.

This should provide the kind of integration you are asking for in this thread.