ADT Smartthings and new app

In the Classic app I was able to create routines that triggered when the “Alarm Changes State” and this worked well with the ADT Smartthings hub. However, the New Smartthings app doesn’t appear to have an equivalent function in Automations for ADT Smartthings. This is problematic for ADT Smartthings users as the STHM smartapp seems to be the only way to trigger on alarm state changes and it is unavailable/not integrated with ADT Smartthings. Are there plans to add this functionality or fully integrate ADT Smartthings into the STHM? Aside from the new app taking much longer to load the ADT Smartthings widget, this alarm state function trigger is the item I am missing the most.

*Note I have used ADT Tools 2 to create similar results in the new app but I did not need to use that Smartapp in the Classic to achieve Automations trigger on ADT Smartthings alarm mode changes. Although I’m glad this exists I would prefer to use the native functionality as I was able to do so previously in the Classic app.

Also I was able to get the new Smartthings app to allow me to add the STHM at some point (although it now says unsupported in smartapps) and it seems to be able to arm and disarm the ADT Smartthings from the app with no issue EXCEPT that arming and disarming from the ADT Panel doesn’t reflect in STHM. So in my opinion the STHM app is close to being an integrated option if panel arming/disarming synced back to STHM.

Outside of using ADT Tools 2, has anyone found a way to natively trigger Automations on ADT alarm state changes?

I opened two tickets with ST about this. They both went were never resolved. On the first ticket the tech told me the automations in classic were oversites and should not have worked. I gave up and built everything off ADT Tools 2.

It’s unfortunate that something as simple as this trigger was excluded even if it wasn’t supposed to work. Thanks for sharing your experience.

This feature is the ONLY reason that I invested into this system so I started a ticket with ST. I just kept asking to be increased tiered support until I received a logical answer. After 30 days of sending screen shot after screen shot, I finally received the below.

Thank you for writing back to us.

In regards to your query, we are sorry to inform as now this option is not available. I can understand how frustrating it would be when things like this happen.

However, we consider this as feedback and share this with our engineer’s team so that they might consider adding this in the coming future. We cannot provide an ETA when this will be added back.

Meanwhile, your time and patience are highly appreciated.

Once again we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Look into ADT Tools 2. I had to use it to get the functions back. But in another tread it sounds like the ADT hub will be EOL in January.

I have ADT Tools 2, but my wife insists on using the panel/hub to arm/disarm the panel and I have not been able to find a way to make the ADT Tools trigger automations when using the panel to arm.

I did it with virtual buttons in ADT Tools. Create a button and link it to the automations. It’s been working fine from the panel. I have it linked to turn off/on Arlos and lights based on Arm Away/Stay/Disarm.

Do you know where can I find more info on this? I have the ADT hub. When you say EOL, is it not going to work at all?