Smartthings ADT Alarm notification mobile phone—can it be set to repeat?

Is there a way to have the ADT Alarm notification to repeat notifications on your cell phone until you acknowledge such alarm. Right now it only notifies me on my phone one time for each alarm. I had another web base alarm that would constantly alart ever 5 sec until you logged into the app and acknowledged the Alarm. This ensured a Alarm is not missed. It is very easy to miss a Alarm under the ADT MOBILE Notification system since it only alarts once per alarm activation.

So just to confirm you are using the system self monitored right. Do you use the ADT Tools 2 smartapp. I will look at adding some logic to ADT Tools to send out repeated notifications when the alarm is still going and has not been cleared.

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I am working on some updates to ADT tools 2 for notifications and will look at adding something in for this. It shouldn’t be to hard. I suspect this is only a concern for security activities as well. If that isn’t correct please let me know

No your correct. I just think you should have to acknowledge a Alarm in Smartthings. Maybe a standard repeater for 2 minutes or so. Right now it is so easy to overlook a alarm notification. Especially if you step away from your phone for a minute.

Not sure what you mean by ADT TOOL 2. I use the ADT security button in my smartthings app.

ADT Tools 2 is a smartapp that I put out there for the community to add functionality to the ADT Smartthings Panel.

The release thread is here ADT Release thread

There is also additional info at ADT Tools 2 at “Things that are smart”

I would expect that is by design. ADT wants you to get their monitoring services. So if you did that then you would get a call from them to confirm the state of your home.

I have updated the ADT Tools 2 app to have the ability to set it’s notification functions to repeat until the alarm is cleared. It will do so with a measurement of minuts. Let me know if that works for you.

This is actually handled in the ADT Alert Action Child app.

How do I install ADT TOOLS APP. Am totally lost. Click links and only see code. No install option given.

There are directions on the things that are smart page linked above.

This will require you use the IDE and if you need assistance with that there are some good tutorials on that site as well for that.

I was finally able to install the tools app. Love it!!! Just one last question. Would it be possible to add more than one phone number for SMS Messages. I would love for both my wife and I to receive these alarms if possible.

Thanks again for a awesome app.

Also tried to donate but constantly get network error.

I actually do have a new routine for the notifications I worked on a while ago. The new routine will allow you to send the notifications to multiple SMS numbers. It got sidelined after some issues were discovered with the app a while back. I will get back to it shortly and add it in. Just keep an eye on the release thread.

I am glad you like it. I am always up for new ideas for features to add to it.

As far as the donation thing. That button should just refer you to a PayPal link. Not sure what would be causing the problem you are stating but I suspect it is outside of smartthings.

Will do thanks.


You should take a look at the app now. I updated the notification routine. You should be able to specify multiple phone numbers for the SMS notification. The other option is to simply have the app push via the app notification to your device.

Will do. But I am having issues with Smartthings right now. I lost everything in the automation tabs, but everything is still showing under the classic apps. I saw I was not the only one who was having this issue under the new smartthings App.
I have to now switch back an forth from smartthings and classic smartthings app.

Looks like everything is back up this afternoon. Maybe they pushed out a update.

Thanks again for the additional support.