[OBSOLETE] ADT Tools 2 for Smartthings ADT alarm sytsems

The ADT Tools App will help keep things organized. I would suggest you setup the github integration with the ADT Tools Repo. Once that is done you will want to do go to Smartapps tab in the IDE and click on “Update from repo” and select the ADT Tools repo. When it loads up you should see all of the smartapps associated. You would want to select “ADT Tools” click the check box next to publish and click on execute. Once that is done go back to “Update from repo” and select the rest of the ADT tools child apps and just click execute. They will show up unpublished. That is fine. Now go to the device handler tab click on the “Update from Repo” select the “ADT Button Tile” and click on publish checkbox and then execute.

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I have the hub but haven’t tried setting the device handlers yet. Just copied the code in IDE for SmartApp. I will get to it soon. I’m really excited if I can get it to work.

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I just updated a few of the child apps. If you take a look at the any sensor alert app there is a option in it now to enable camera recordings. this will allow you to tell arlo to take a clip between 5 and 120 seconds on any or all of the cameras you have.

There is a toggle for a kind of continuous recording. It still has what looks like a 3-6 second delay between 2 min clips. Don’t turn it on for now though as It has a bug that it doesn’t turn off after the alarm is cleared. I am working on clearing that up. Eventually I will add this option to the monitored alert apps that go to ADT.

Thanks for the heads up! I just got back in the country from a business trip. I will be starting to install my system Sunday. It is going to take a while as I have to disconnect everything from my current ST hub. Hopefully I will get around to installing ADT Tools in the next week and be in touch. Looking forward to it. Thanks again!

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I’m kind of stuck. All I want is to have my external sirens trigger whenever my ADT Panel’s siren is triggered. I understand that ADT Tools is supposedly capable of this but it seems to be more like a workaround instead of directly triggering the sirens based on the alarm panel’s “triggered” state. In other words from what I gather, ADT Tools monitors whether the alarm panel is in an armed state and allows you to configure actions based on sensor activity while the alarm is armed. However, I’m wondering if there is any way possible to get the actual “siren” or “triggered” status directly from the ADT Panel. I understand that this smartapp will technically work for what I"m looking for but it would be much more efficient if we could get the triggered status directly from the panel when it happens.

I’ve tried using webcore since it has the “siren” and “strobe” states in it but they simply don’t work. The piston never triggers as if maybe those status variables don’t actually exist.

Any ideas?

When a alarm is triggered the alarm status for the panel is updated with the device id that triggered the alarm. That is exactly what ADT tools uses to trigger actions off of for the 4 ADT Alert Child apps based device type. The app then also listens for that field to change to a cleared status and then turns off the alarm. It is directly related to the triggered state of the panel, but you are right in that “siren” or “triggered” are never there. It is the device id that triggered the alarm.

There is a child app created to help those that were invested in non ADT Sensors so that they can be used in a unmonitored state. In that case external sirens are a requirement and it functions the way you are saying. It is the ADT Any Alert Sensor. That child app just uses the ADT Panel Security Status to know if the alarm is set or not. It was intended for those that don’t either want to or have yet to invest in dualbranded sensors.

I am looking at a complete rewrite of the alert child apps as I feel it has gotten a bit confusing. As long as you are using the right child app though it is completely based on the ADT Monitored activity and the alarm status of the panel.

Okay I’m not sure what I did wrong but I must have set something up incorrectly. I left the house, armed the alarm, and when I got back in my sirens went off as soon as I opened the front door. I used the “Allows Unmonitored Alarm Action based on ADT Status” option.and have it monitoring all of my sensors. Maybe I should have done something differently? How do I incorporate a delay in the trigger? This is what I was afraid of. :frowning:

Another concern I have is that Smart Home Monitor appeared to be active and showed “intrusion detected” even though I purposely never use it since the presence on my phone never works properly. Is this smartapp using SHM?

So lets first start with asking if you have ADT Sensors at all of the locations you want to monitor for security. If you do, please switch from the child app you are using to the others for their type of sensor that it can use the ADT triggers for alarm activity. The lable can make it sound like you have to have ADT Monitoring service and that isn’t what it means. You just have to have ADT sensors for those apps to work. You are currently using the app that I made avaliable for those that don’t have ADT Sensors and still want to use the panel. It triggers differently and it isn’t perfect. I was shooting to simply match SHM at a minimum. Considering SHM doesn’t have entry or exit delays I felt what I had was sufficient.

You may also want to check the ADT dashboard for how your sensors are configured. Make sure any device you want to have a delay is setup as a Entry/Exit point and not as perimeter. That being set wrong will also cause the ADT Alarm system to go off immediately if the sensor is triggered.

ADT tools doesn’t use SHM, but does lean on the location alarm state for the exit delay feature of the smartapp you are currently using. That smart app uses the location alarm state to decide if it should go off or not. The location alarm state is part of what SHM uses to function as well and is likely why you see it activate. So if you have both apps loaded then ADT Tools will arm and disarm SHM to match the state of the ADT Alarm Panel. The smartapp that keeps it in sync is the ADT Mode Change app.

Much of this is explained at ADT Tools at Things that are Smart

I’m using all ADT sensors for the alarm. I have my front door and garage door setup as entry/exit doors so I’m not sure why it immediately sounded the alarm when I got home. I think it may have been because (as you said) it’s linked with the location service for SHM so because my presence was still “Away” it sounded immediately because SHM was still armed thinking I wasn’t home. I assume if my presence worked perfectly then everything would have been fine. I can never rely on SHM though. I appreciate your help.

You are also using the wrong alert app. Remove the one that is installed and use the alert apps labled “Create new Door or Window Triggered Event action” or “Create new Motion triggered Event Action”. Those don’t use the location alarm state and will only trigger once the ADT panel goes off. That means they will also use the ADT Panels Entry and Exit delays.

If those still don’t work also make sure you have the option for entry/exit delays turned on on the ADT side of the panel.

? Do you still have SHM configured?

If it is still configured that may account for some of the strangeness. It doesn’t have entry or exit delays. If you want to run both I will look at updating the mode change app with an option turn off keeping the location alarm status in sync.

Can you please add a setting to control the arm and disarm on a schedule?

@benolaa you can already setup a schedule using automations. Are you saying you want to contain a schedule within the smart things apps.

My expectation is that you would want to control the state through your automations/routine along with other tasks at that time. That is why the ADT Mode change app integrates with the virtual buttons. All you have to do is have your automation press the button based on its trigger.

Are you just wanting this action contain within ADT Tools so it isn’t listed as a automation/routine?

@Mavrrick58 when I go into ADT tools and select allows changing alarm mode from smartapps the top 3 options What Button will disarm the alarm etc all say you cant currently add this.

You need to create the virtual buttons. Please go download the device handler from the repo and then create 3 virtual buttons with the “ADT Momentary Tile” specified as the device type. One that is done it will work.

@Mavrrick58 sorry to be a pain but, I am still a newbie to ST. I downloaded the device handler and published it from the Rep. How do I create virtual buttons?

From the IDE you want to go to the device section. Once on that screen there should be able to select a button to create a device. Fill in the information that is relevant and then make sure you select the device handler when choosing the device type. It should work.

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@Mavrrick58 Thank you! What do I put for the mandatory field Device Network ID?

Since it is a virtual device it doesn’t matter just put gibberish there

Amazing it worked great thank you so much for this software and the helpful advice!

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